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Arctic island hopping

Replace island hopping in Greece with island hopping in Northern Norway this summer!

Hop from island to island using the express boat as transportation and experience the Lyngenfjord region from the sea. Visit cozy villages off the tourist trail, go on great hikes and live a simple life. The sun never sets here during the Midnight Sun season from mid-May to late July. Great nature-based experiences await you!

We recommend that you bring a bike to reach all the sights and the accommodation on the islands. You can rent a bike in Tromsø or bring your own.

Did you know that you can also travel in the region by using a regional bus?

Tromsø - Skjervøy

Express boat timetable and Troms Billett


NB: The timetable can be changed at short notice.

Din arktiske øyhoppingsrute


Departure to Skjervøy: Monday and Wednesday 19:20, Tuesday and Thursday 16:00, Friday 19:05, Sunday 14:30

Arrival from Skjervøy: Tuesday and Thursday 09:55 and 20:05, Fridag 23:15, Sunday 19:50 

A must-do experience in Tromsø is walking up the Sherpa Steps to the upper station of the Cable Car, where you will be rewarded with spectacular views of Tromsø and the surrounding areas. You can enjoy lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks at the cafe/restaurant Fjellstua at the top. Walk down or take the cable car. Tickets and more information about Fjellheisen.

Click here to read more  about Tromsø, Reinøya, Vannøya and suggestions about what to do and places to eat on Visit Tromsø's website.

You can rent a bike at Tromsø Outdoor.

Tromsø, known as "The Paris of the North" and "The Arctic Capital", is a natural starting point for your island hopping holiday. You can easily reach Tromsø via direct flights from many Norwegian cities, Hurtigruten, express boat, bus or car.


Nord-Lenangen is situated at the far north of the Lyngen peninsula and is surrounded by the Lyngen Alps.

Arrival from Tromsø: Tuesday and Thursday 17:55, Friday 20:25

Arrival from Skjervøy: Tuesday and Thursday 08:45, (Friday, only by signal for disembarking passengers), Sunday 18:00

Visit Blåisvatnet (The Blue Lake) which is our most popular hike in the Lyngenfjord region. It's roughly a 1-hour bike ride from the express boat quay to the car park at the start of the hiking route to Blåisvatnet. It's an easy hike that suits most people. Read a description of the hike to Blåisvatnet.

Lyngstuva is situated at the northern tip of the Lyngen peninsula and is a perfect spot to experience the Midnight Sun. Read a description of the hike to Lyngstuva.

  • There is a Joker grocery store at the express boat quay
  • Zapffe Cafe at Svensby ferry quay
  • På øra kafe og spiseri - in Svensby


Departure towards Skjervøy: Monday and Wednesday arrival on signal-contact to the express boat before departure from Tromsø, Tuesday and Thursday 20:25 

Departure towards Tromsø: Tuesday and Thursday 08:10, Sunday 17:30

Arnøya is Norway's 15th largest island and is located in Skjervøy municipality. The express boat docks at Arnøyhamn on the southern coast of Arnøya.

 You can take the ferry from Lauksletta to Nikkeby or Skjervøy. Check the ferry timetable.

It is a 1-hour bike ride from Arnøyhamn to Lauksletta and Tareneset. At the end of the road in Tareneset, you will find the start of the Arnøya cultural trail depicting the fascinating culture and nature of Arnøya. 

From Arnøya, you can enjoy wonderful views of the Lyngen Alps, the sea and the surrounding islands. You can also go on great hikes. We especially recommend the hike to Haugnesvarden (Norwegian site) and the cultural heritage trail

Bygdebutikken at the express boat quay, Lauksletta overnatting - local food (for overnight guests only)

Photo: Henrik Morkel and Petr Pavlíček 


Departure towards Skjervøy: Tuesday and Friday arrival on signal-contact to the express boat before departure from Tromsø.

Departure towards Tromsø: Tuesday and Sunday arrival on signal-contact to the express boat before departure from Skjervøy.

You can take the ferry from Nikkeby to Storstein, which is situated on the island Kågen. It's a 30-40 minute bike ride from the ferry landing to Skjervøy.

Nikkeby is a small village on Laukøya. There is currently no accommodation or shop here, so you need to bring a tent and shop on Arnøya before you cross the strait. 

There are no restaurants or grocery stores on the island. Shop in Arnøyhamn at Bygdebutikken på Arnøya.

On Laukøya, we reccommend hiking to Hellnesodden. The hike takes you to the far north of Laukøya and all the way to the open sea. 


Arrival: Monday and Wednesday 21:10, Tuesday 18:15, Thursday 18:15, Friday 20:55, Sunday 16:40

Departure towards Tromsø: Tuesday 07:35 and 18:20, Thursday 07:45 and 18:20, Friday 21:05, Sunday 17:00  

* NB: The express boat timetable can change at short notice.

The mountain Stussnes is situated only a short distance from the centre of Skjervøy. If you hike to the top, you will be rewarded with beautiful views of the fishing village and the surrounding fjords. This is an easy hike and you can spend the night at the new hammock park (Bring your own hammock). Description of the hike up Stussnes mountain.

Visit Seppalatunet and learn about Skjervøy and the interesting story about the dog handler Leonhard Seppala. You can buy local crafts of high quality. Mabye you will find a nice gift for a friend or for yourself. Read more about Seppalatunet.

Learn more about the aquaculture industry and experience Norwegian salmon production at Aurora Salmon Centre.

På Hjørnet kafe - lunch, dinner and homemade cakes, Kaien 70 grader nord - pizza, hamburgers etc.

For groceries: Extra and Matkroken.

Photo: Frida Xiang/Magy Media, Aurora Salmon Centre, Seppalatunet, Vegard Stien/Magy Media

Troms Billett

The easiest and most affordable way to buy a bus ticket is via the "Troms Billett" app. The mobile travel planner gives you information in real time, and you can easily see when the bus, ferry and express boat will arrive at your stop.

Click here to download "Troms Billett".

Visit the Tromskortet website.

Troms fylkestrafikk offers a summer ticket valid for unlimited travel by bus, express boat and ferry for a seven-day period. 

The summer ticket costs NOK 990 per adult and NOK 495 for children (age 6-17) and seniors (67+).

* Separate prices for bicycles apply.



Hurtigruten calls Skjervøy every day, and you can travel further north towards Kirkenes or south towards Tromsø and Bergen.

If you wish to return to Tromsø by Hurtigruten, the journey takes approx. 4.5 hours. You can enjoy a nice dinner on board and relax in the panorama saloon with great views. 

Click here to read more about Hurtigruten.

Click here to view Hurtigruten's schedule.


Regional bus 155

The most environmentally friendly to travel back to Tromsø or towards Alta is on regional bus no. 155 from Skjervøy. 

Taking the bus is easy, reliable, comfortable and affordable. Just sit back and enjoy the view! 

Click here to view the timetable and real time information.

The easiest way to buy a ticket is via the "Troms Billett" app. Click here to download the app.

Express boat Skjervøy - Kvænangen

Would you like to visit more islands? You can go further north on the express boat to Vorterøy, Seglvik, Reinfjord, Valanhamn, Spildra and Burfjord. 

Please note that some of these islands don't have grocery stores or accommodation, so plan ahead. 

Click here to view the timetable.