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Autumn highlights in Lyngenfjord region

Autumn tour suggestions in the Lyngenfjord region

Summer is over, but the adventure continues! So let the autumn of Northern Norway charm you with colours, crisp sunny mornings, powerful storms and, of course, space!
Migratory birds gather together at the end of the summer and start their journey towards warmer winters: if you are lucky, you can spot some rare arctic species on their way in the northern parts of the Lyngenfjord. Otherwise, nature is becoming quieter. The holiday visitors have returned home; hiking trails have become silent, and even the most popular attractions only see a handful of visitors daily.

Berries and mushrooms are ripe, and anyone can pick them for their consumption. So be like a local, pick some bilberries for breakfast, or even make a pie! From the link below, you can find a recipe for a simple pie you can cook even on a camping cooker!

Northern lights start to be visible at the end of August, and September is probably the best time of the year to see Aurora dancing in the arctic sky. Around the autumn equinox, the Northern lights are strong and visible in the northern hemisphere due to the earth's position towards the sun.

Combine our favourite tours for a memorable autumn holiday in the Lyngenfjord region or contact us to book a full holiday package for you!






Blåisvatnet (C) Petr Pavlicek

Photo: Petr Pavlicek

Blåisvatnet is the most popular hike in the Lyngen Alps, and not without reason! The clear blue colour of the water with the steep peaks of the Lyngen Alps in the background is a beautiful sight, and autumn colours only make it better!

The lake will start to freeze early in the autumn creating amazing reflections of the sky.


Blåisvatnet is about 4 km east of another lake, Jægervatnet. If you are driving from Lyngseidet, turn off in the direction of Svensby then head towards Jægervatn and Sør-Lenangsbotn. You can park your car in the car park on the right-hand side of the road.

The drive from Tromsø takes about 2 hours, including the ferry crossing from Breivikeidet – Svensby.

Click here to read a description of the hike to Blåisvatnet (The Blue Lake)

XLyngen - Nord-Lenangen - 22.4 km

XLyngen is located in the village Nord-Lenangen near the northern tip of the Lyngen peninsula. Accommodation is available in five cabins and two apartments, each sleeping six guests. The cabins are located right down by the fjord. 

Lyngen Experience Lodge/Apartments - 15.5 km

Lyngen Experience Lodge is set in wonderful surroundings in Nord-Lenangen in the northern part of the Lyngen peninsula just metres from the water’s edge. The lodge offers exclusive adventures year-round and is a perfect place to relax.

Svensby Tursenter - Svensby - 147 km

Svensby Tursenter is approx. 1 hour (incl. ferry) from Tromsø and is situated beside the ferry landing in Svensby. We offer family friendly cabins and activities ranging from snowmobile safaris in the winter to boat rental in the summer.

In Lyngseidet, which is approx. 36 km from Blåisvatnet (The Blue Lake), you will find shops, a petrol station and a pharmacy.

During the summer, a foodtruck is usually situated in the car park at the start of the hike to Blåisvatnet (The Blue Lake)

Other nearby restaurants are Sandnes restaurant in Nord-Lenangen, Zapffe Cafe at Svensby ferry landing and Johansen Grill in Nord-Lenangen.

You can bring your own firewood and prepare hot food at the fire sites behind the parking area. Nearest grocery stores are at Lyngseidet.

The gorgeous blue colour of the water is strongest on sunny afternoons.
The trail is well maintained, but snow and ice can arrive early making the trail slippery and hard to walk. Check the conditions and wear appropriate shoes.



Steindalen in the Lyngen Alps

Four people standing on a glacier

Photo: Petr Pavlicek - Guided glacier walk to Steindalsbreen

Steindalsbreen glacier in Lyngen is definitely worth a visit, and both the glacier and the valley are considered as geological treats! The valley has a rich wildlife and you may see sheep, reindeer and eagles on the hike to Steindalsbreen glacier. In early autumn you can see the evolution of the autumn colours following the valley; peaks get fresh snow and the leaves higher up the slopes turn yellow while at the bottom, you can still find flowers.

The duration of the hike is approx. 5-7 hours including a lunch break and time to take lots of photos. You can hike on your own or book a guided hike from here.

The glacier is situated on route 868 between Oteren and Lyngseidet. Follow the road to “IMA Tursenter” and drive up a small hill to the large car park. From the car park, follow the tractor road/path into the valley. Snow and ice can make the trail slippery.

Click here to read the description of the hike to Steindalsbreen glacier.

IMA tursenter - Steindalen valley

The IMA tursenter is located at the start of the Steindalen valley. They have cabins for rent. Each of the two-bedroom cabins sleep 4-6 guests. The cabins offer an ideal base for nature-based experiences. The path up to the Steindalen glacier starts right on your doorstep.

At Lyngseidet, which is 26 kmfrom IMA tursenter, you will find a petrol station, shops and other accommodation.

At Lyngseidet, which is 26 km form IMA-tursenter, you will find places to eat, some shops and a petrol station. Take a packed lunch with you on this tour, also a thermos of hot drink is a good idea. There is a picnic table at the Steindalen cabin. Other great location for a picnic is higher up where the bare moraine begins. There are no benches, but great views to the fjord and to the glacier.


It's possible to rent the cabin in Steindalen/Gievdanvággi (Steindalen cabin). You can book the cabin by contacting Storeng Steindal Trim,

Take enough drinking water with you, the glacier river water should not be drank and there are not many other streams further along the trail.



Kåfjorddalen valley

Gorsabrua i Kåfjorddalen i Nord-Norge

Photo: Petr Pavlicek

The Gorsa bridge is situated in Kåfjorddalen and stretches over one of Northern Europe's deepest gorges, Ørndalsjuvet, which is 153 m deep. You can reach the Gorsa bridge by car, by bike or on a hike.

Autumn time at the Gorsa bridge area is a must experience! If it a sunny autumn, you can see how the entire valley changes colours to yellows and reds, if it rains a lot, the waterfalls are truely something! Later in the autumn, the smaller waterfalls freeze creating amazing icicle falls. Note that the road will be closed when the snow falls, but you can still walk up the road.

The Gorsa Bridge is in the Kåfjorddalen valley about 15 km from E6 highway. Turn off the E6 at Birtavarre and drive up the valley. The road is sealed for about 8km then becomes a gravel road. We recommend that you drive slowly and carefully as the road can be bumpy and there are sheep in the area.

After driving on the gravel section for about 3 km, you will reach a large car park on the right-hand side of the road (Ankerlia) with toilet facilities and an information board. Park your car here and continue on foot to the Gorsa Bridge. The hike from here to the bridge through an old mining area is approx. 3.8 km and the terrain can at times be challenging. In autumn time, it might be a good option to walk to the bridge via the road instead of the small trails.

Click here to read a description of the hike to the Gorsa bridge.

Manndalen Sjøbuer - 29.2 km

Newly renovated Manndalen Sjøbuer lies by the fjord in Kåfjorden, a sidearm to the Lyngenfjord. The eight seaside cottages are named after the eight Sami seasons. The cottages are nicely furnished, have a nice view of the fjord and most have their own sauna. Each cottage sleeps four guests.

Manndalen is a special valley as the Sami, Kven and Norwegian cultures live side by side.

Restaurant Solvind - Rotsund - 53.8 km

The a la carte Restaurant Solvind serves dishes based on local produce with a touch of uniqueness.

Senter for nordlige folk - Manndalen - 32.4 km

At the Ankerlia parking area, there is a lean-to shelter. If you have your own firewood with you, you can make a fire. Another lean-to shelter is up near the bridge itself.



Holmenes Farm by the Lyngenfjord is a living example of a Coastal Sami farm in North Troms.

If you visit Holmenes farm, you can get an insight into how Coastal Sami families lived by the Lyngenfjord before the war. The farm dates to around 1850 and was settled until 1964. A visit here will provide an insight into the contrasts between then and now!

Click here to read more about Holmens Coastal Sami Farm.

Do not forget to visit the Okseelva waterfalls behind the Holmens Farm!



Signaldalen valley

Northern lights above a mountain peakPhoto: Petr Pavlicek

Otertind in Signaldalen in Storfjord municipality is often referred to as northern Europe's Matterhorn, and is a well-known landmark in Troms and Northern Norway. The twin peaks are 1356 m above sea level. One of the best places to photograph Otertind is Signalnes, approx. 15 km up Signaldalen valley.

From the E6 highway, turn left on to route no. 322 towards Signaldalen valley and Signalnes. Continue for approx. 15 km until you reach Signalnes. Make sure to park your car safely outside of the road and always wear a high-vis vest for your and fellow drivers safety when photographing near the road.

Strandbu Camping – Skibotn

Strandbu Camping has a picturesque location on the banks of the Skibotn river. As well as camping sites, Strandbu has three well equipped cabins and six smaller and more basic cabins. Guests can rent a Finnish sauna, hot tub or grill hut.

Olderelv Camping – Skibotn

Olderelv Camping is centrally located in the village Skibotn, just 90 min from Tromsø. You can stay in one of the cabins, park your caravan or pitch your tent here. 

There are two options. Hatteng Grill in the village of Hatteng serves fast food. If you continue driving towards Skibotn, you can eat at Sarvvis restaurant at Skibotn Hotel.

While there is no snow on the ground, there are several great hiking trails in the proximity of Otertinden, so why not make this a whole day trip!

If you are here to photograph the northern lights, check our advice from here.



Reisa national park

Two people looking at a big waterfall

Photo: Reisabåt

Mollisfossen waterfall is the most visited place in Reisa National Park and is one of Europe's largest waterfalls. Mollisfossen waterfall is Northern Norway's highest waterfall. It has a total fall of 269 m, the lowest stage of which is a 140 m continuous free fall. The only way to get to the waterfall is by riverboat, but you can also see it from the hiking trails across the river.

Mollisfossen waterfall is situated at Reisa National Park. The only way to reach the waterfall is by riverboat, but it can been seen also from the hiking trails on the other side of the river.

If you want to visit Mollisfossen waterfall, you can book a riverboat safari from here.

Reisastua Lodge - Reisa Valley

Reisastua Lodge has a tranqual setting beside the Reisa river and close to Reisa National Park. Reisastua Lodge is a exclusive lodge with suites of various sizes. The lodge has its own restaurant/bar and offers a wide variety of activities.

Reisafjord Hotel - Sørkjosen - 38 km

The hotel is located by the harbour in Sørkjosen and offers nice views of the Reisafjord. The rooms have TV, private bathroom with shower and many rooms have fjord views. 

The hotel's restaurant serves Norwegian specialities accompanied by views of the fjord.

North of Lyngen - Sørkjosen - 38 km

North of Lyngen Apartments is located in Sørkjosen in Nordreisa municipality. The location is perfect for those who would like to explore the Arctic mountains, sea and rivers. All the rooms have kitchens, which makes it ideal for self-catering.

Bios Cafe - Storslett

Bios Cafe is located in the heart of Storslett. This cafe serves high quality dishes based on local produce. The "Dish of the Day" is always traditional Norwegian food.

Ovi Raishiin is the visitor centre and the gateway to the national park. In summertime they have a park host at site and a camp fire for guests. In the autumn, there are no hosts, but you can book the reservation hut or just visit the centre on your way to the national park. 

Why not stay the night at the Ovi Raishiin reservation hut! There are plenty of day walks in the surroundings, like the Sarafossen waterfalls, nothing shy even after a visit to the Mollisfossen.

When you visit Ovi Raishiin visitor centre, remember to take a look at their library - there is plenty of information about the flora and fauna in the region.


Sleep with a view


Green northern lights corona

Photo: Gareth Hutton

Glass roofed igloos have become popular accommodation around northern lights destinations. In the Lyngenfjord region, there are three companies which offer this amazing experience.

Lyngen North is located at the tip of the Spåkenes Peninsula in the outer region of the Lyngenfjord. From here you have direct panoramic views of the Lyngen Alps.
We offer accommodation in holiday houses (sleeping 4-6) and glass igloos (sleeping two).

Stay at the little base camp at the owners' home garden surrounded by mountain views. From the base camp there is a view to beautiful mountains, but also access to them as well for daytime activities. North Experience is located in Oteren.

Lyngen Experience igloos are located just by the fjord, and just a few steps from the lodge. Watch the northern lights from your bed and listen to the ocean outside of your windows. Lyngen Experience is located in Nordlenangen.



view from a cabin on a mountain top

Photo: Petr Pavlicek

This is a great half day hike to the newly opened cabin on Dalberget which was built in fall 2020. Dalberget is a popular hike for locals and tourists, and when you reach the top you get rewarded with a panoramic view of the Lyngen Alps. There is a fireplace in the cabin, and you can watch the spectacular view of the Lyngen Alps while you enjoy your packed lunch.

Dalberget is located in Djupvik in Kåfjord municipality in Northern-Norway. From Lyngseidet, take the ferry to Olderdalen, and drive about 20 kilometres north towards Alta. If you come driving from the north, look for the sign "Kirkegård" in Djupvik along the main road E6. You park at the parkinglot at the end of the road. Be aware that this is the cemetery parking place, please take this into consideration. There are no toilets in the parking area.

Djupvik is a 2 hour and 45 minute drive from Tromsø, or 3 hours with ferry Breivikeidet-Svensby and Lyngseidet-Olderdalen.

You can find the hiking description to Dalberget her.

Lyngen North - Spåkenes - 2,5 kilometer

Lyngen North is located at the tip of the Spåkenes Peninsula in the outer region of the Lyngenfjord. From here you get a spectacular view of the Lyngen Alps.
They offer accommodation in holiday houses (sleeping 4-6) and in glass igloos (sleeping two).

Restaurant Solvind - Spåkenes - 2,5 kilometer

Nearest supermarkets are in Olderdalen ja Storslett, both approximately 30km



If you are going here in the afternoon or evening, remember to take a head torch with you. The smaller streams can freeze early at higher slopes, they can be extremely slippery. As soon as the snow comes, this is a great snowshoeing trail too!

Dalberget is a great spot for northern lights viewing and photographing, especially in full moon nights. The moon lights the opposite Lyngen Alps giving your photographs a stunning foreground.



Silhuet of a person sitting by the sea and mountains on the background

Photo: Petr Pavlicek

Lyngstuva is the northernmost point of the Lyngen peninsula. From here, you will be rewarded with wonderful panoramic views of the surrounding fjords (Hamrefjorden, Ullsfjorden and Lyngen), the Fugløysundet strait and islands including Vannøya, Reinøya, Fugleøya and Fakken. Lyngstuva is a perfect place to enjoy the Midnight Sun in summer and the Northern Lights in winter.

Follow route 314 via Nord-Lenangen until you reach the end of the road. You can park at the end of the road/on the field at Russelv (Ruoššajohka), this is a paid parking place, Lyngen municipality maintains and develops trails with the income from the parking.

It’s possible to reach Russelv by bus, but we recommend you check the timetable for the bus 465 here since there are not services every day. 

Click here to read the description of the hike to Lyngstuva.

XLyngen - Nord-Lenangen 

XLyngen is located in the village Nord-Lenangen near the northern tip of the Lyngen peninsula. Accommodation is available in five cabins and two apartments, each sleeping six guests. The cabins are located right down by the fjord. 

Lyngen Experience Lodge/Apartments - Nord-Lenangen 

Lyngen Experience Lodge is set in wonderful surroundings in Nord-Lenangen in the northern part of the Lyngen peninsula just metres from the water’s edge. The lodge offers exclusive adventures year-round and is a perfect place to relax.

Lyngen fjordcamp - Nord-Lenangen

Lyngen Fjordcamp is located right by the sea in peaceful Nord-Lenangen. This is a perfect place to enjoy your holiday during summer or winter. The house is fully furnished and, including a small log cabin, can accommodate seven people.

Svensby Tursenter - Svensby 

Svensby Tursenter is approx. 1 hour (incl. ferry) from Tromsø and is situated beside the ferry landing in Svensby. We offer family friendly cabins and activities ranging from snowmobile safaris in the winter to boat rental in the summer.

Solheim farm - Svensby  

In Svensby, not far from the ferry landing, you will find Solheim farm in idyllic surroundings. From the farm, you can enjoy fantastic views of the Ullsfjord and the beautiful nature in Lyngen. We offer accommodation in a cottage (6 people), Ida bua (2 people) or an apartment (4 people) on the farm.

Sandnes restaurant - Nord-Lenangen 

The restaurant serves soup of the day, pizza and burger, among other options.

Johansen Gatekjøkken, a fast food grill, is situated in Nord-Lenangen.

Nearest supermarkets are in Lyngseidet.

There are many cultural heritage sites in the area between Russelv and Lyngstuva. The mixture of Sami, Kven and Norwegian cultural relics bears witness to an area that has been settled for many generations. Several of these sites are signposted on the trail out to Lyngstuva. The Norwegian Coastal Administration has a building by the lighthouse on the outermost point at Lyngstuva, while the remnants from two shipwrecks are visible on the seashore below the lighthouse.

Tip 2, this is amazing spot for northern lights, just remember to take your head torch with you for the walk back.

Nordre Lauksund fyr

Lauksletta, Arnøy

Small lighthouse by the sea and snow in the ground

Photo: Visit Lyngenfjord

You will find the North Lauksund lighthouse at the end of the road by Tareneset on Arnøya. From the lighthouse, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Lopphavet, which is a stretch of open sea, with the Kvænangen mountain range in the background.

When you arrive on the island of Arnøya by ferry, turn right and drive to the end of the road at Tareneset. From here, it’s only a few metres to the lighthouse.

Click here to view the ferry timetable from Storstein to Lauksundskaret (Arnøya).


Lauksletta Overnatting - Lauksletta

Lauksletta Overnatting is a small, homely hostel surrounded by wild nature and extreme weather on the outer coast of the island of Arnøya. This is the place to enjoy authentic and satisfying North Norwegian food.

Visit Årvikssand - Årvikssand

Visit Årvikssand is situated right by the open sea in Årvikssand at the far north of the beautiful island of Arnøya. You can enjoy the view of the open sea and the mountains accompanied by the sound of the sea gulls and the lapping waves.

Lauksletta Overnatting serves authentic North Norwegian food. However, you can only eat here if you are staying in Lauksletta Overnatting.

There is a cafe at Bygdebutikken in Årvikssand.

The cultural trail at Tareneset, at the far north of the Lauksund, enables you to learn about the local nature and culture. NB: The signs are only in Norwegian.

The trail starts at route 347 and ends at the far north of the Lauksund. You can park here or drive to the start of the trail approx. 200 m further north. An information board at the start of the trail provides a good description and there are several posts along the way. The trail is clearly marked with blue painted arrows and the posts are numbered. You can stop for a break along the trail at the grill cabin.



Person walking on a forest trail

Photo: Petr Pavlicek

In the autumn the weather typically varies from sunny +15C to sleeting and some degrees below zero, and it can all happen in one day. Check the forecast from for a day or two ahead and always be prepared with warm and weather proof clothes.

Some rain shouldn't stop you enjoying the outdoors, but avoid big rocky slopes (slippery) and MTB on wet trails (wear). If the weather is really bad, we have plenty of indoors ideas here.


The first snow comes on the mountain usually in September. It is not enough to go skiing, but too much to go on the peaks most likely. You can still hike, usually to altitudes of 600-700m until quite late in the autumn and as soon as there is more snow, just take a pair of snowshoes with you.

Autumn is great northern lights time, so you will also need to know what the space weather is doing. You can book a guided tour, of course, but if you want to try your own skills on hunting the northern lights, check out our advice here.



Person sitting in a swing and looking towards to see. Northern lights are in the sky.

Photo: Petr Pavlicek

Skibotndissa (The Skibotn Swing) is a perfect photo spot and is extremely photogenic! Enjoy wonderful views of the Lyngen Alps and the Lyngenfjord. You can take great Midnight Sun photos here during the summer, while in the autumn and winter it's a magical place to photograph the Northern Lights.

You will find Skibotndissa (The Skibotn Swing) along the E8 highway at the rest area in Nallevuopio. There is plenty of space for parking. You will also find tables and benches where you can enjoy a snack and a cup of coffee before driving on. The scenic swing is located approx. 50 m down by the fjord. You won't miss it!


Olderelv Camping - Skibotn

Olderelv Camping is centrally located in the village of Skibotn. With cabins, power sites for caravans/campers and sites for camping, there is something for everyone.

Strandbu Camping - Skibotn

Strandbu Camping is located by the Skibotn river in Skibotn. In addition to the camp site, you can stay in a choice of cabins with six basic camping cabins and three slightly better equipped. Facilities at Strandbu Camping include a sauna, hot tub and barbecue hut (extra changes apply).

Skibotn Camping - Skibotn - 4.5 km

Skibotn Camping is nicely located by the fjord in Skibotn with wonderful views of the Lyngen Alps. We rent out cabins, you can park your camper/caravan or pitch a tent.

Skibotn Hotel - Skibotn - 5 km

At the northern end of Skibotn, with great views of the Lyngenfjord and the Lyngen Alps, you will find Skibotn Hotel and Sarvvis Restaurant & Experience Centre. You can spend the night, enjoy delicious food or participate in various experiences.

Brennfjell Camping - Brennfjell - 11.6 km

Brennfjell Camping is nicely located in scenic surroundings by the Skibotn river, approx. 10 km up Skibotndalen valley. You can park your camper/caravan, pitch a tent or rent one of the cabins.

Hatteng Camping - Hatteng - 18.9 km

Hatteng Camping is located in the centre of the village of Hatteng at the southern end of the Lyngenfjord. The campsite has six sites for campers/caravans and seven rental cabins.

Cirkle K Skibotn - 2.8 km

The Cirkle K service station in Skibotn serves fast food, pizza, baguettes and buns, etc. It's open daily from 09:00 - 23:00.

Hatteng Grillbar - 189 km

Hatteng Grillbar serves fast food and coffee, etc.

Sarvvis - Skibotn - 8 km

Sarvvis has a pizza menu as well as serving hamburgers, Finnbiff (reindeer stew) and other dishes. Open Friday - Sunday. (NB: The opening hours can change at short notice).

Olderelv camping grill & kiosk - Skibotn - 8 km

Olderelv camping grill and kiosk sells burgers and other fast food, and has a small selection of groceries. Open daily on summer time and weekends on the autumn.


This is a great northern lights spot. Take a picnic dinner, warm blankets and your camera and enjoy an evening at the beach. Note that in cold evenings the rocks on the shore can be slippery.



Two people standing on hilltop overlooking sea and a village

Photo: @Petr Pavlicek

This 2,6km trail is easy trail and popular also among the locals. The trail stays open also in winter, but once the snow is deep, snowshoes help. At the top, you have a full 360degree view of the seas around Skjervøy island. There is also a small hammock park, so if you are a hardcore northern lights hunter, this is your spot! Note that there is no toilet at the peak.

You can reach Skjervøy by car via Rotsund or by hurtigbåt from Tromsø, see the timetable here.  If you arrive by car, park at the end of the Rypevegen. In winter, there might not be sufficient space, so park further down near the main road.

The trail is a wide trail and easy to follow. The altitude gain is about 100m. There are no water sources or toilets along this trail.


Skjervøy is a small island, so all accommodation is nearby.

Hotel Maritim Skjervøy is a full service hotel with a restaurant, bar and cafe. The hotel is located right by the pier in the centre of the island.

Skjervøy Fiskecamp has self-contained cabins and apartments and you can also rent a boat here.

Mor i Vågen is a self-contained holiday home in the centre of Skjervøy. 

You have a good selection of places to eat in the centre of Skjervøy.

Hotel Maritim restaurant serves both buffet meals and a la carte dinner.

MIX is a big Norwegian fast food chain serving grilled sandwiches and pølse (hotdogs)

På hjørnet cafe has some amazing cakes, sandwiches and lunch.

There are also supermarkets in the centre, if you prefer getting a picnic or cooking at your own cabin.

Stussnes is a great northern lights spot. Bring warm clothes, picnic dinner and hot drinks to spend a few hours here and admire some of the most amazing views we have!

Check out the map for the different spots:

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