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Family friendly experiences

Are you looking for experiences for the whole family? Do you want to experience the northern Norwegian nature? Stop thinking about what to do this summer with your family, read our tips which both young and old will love!

1. Take the children on a river boat trip up to Mollisfossen

A long, slender river boat takes you up the Reisa river to the waterfall Mollisfossen, which has a drop of 269 meters. The mighty nature in the valley creates a magical setting around the trip. The trip takes about 1 hour each way. Read more about the experience and book a trip here. Suitable for children from 5-6 years and up.

2. Visit a dog kennel and join the dog sledding on wheels

Take the children on a slightly different summer experience, dog sledding. The children sit safely in the wagon while you guide the dogs. We will follow a forest road out into beautiful nature and adapt the trip to the group. Book the tours here.

3. Rent a boat and try your luck fishing on the fjord

Spend a day on the fjord and try your luck at fishing. Maybe you catch your dinner, which you can cook together back at the cabin. In addition to our fishing camps, it is possible to rent a boat and fishing rods to take a trip out to the fjord several places.

Frida Xiang/Magy Media and Moritz Ablinger

4. Rent a canoe and paddle down the Reisa River

One of the great nature experiences is to paddle down the Reisa river with your own canoe. Get close to nature and set the trip at your own pace. Read about canoing, packrafting and kayaking here.

5. Visit a museum

Learn more about the history and culture of North Troms by visiting one of the many museum facilities at the North Troms Museum. Check out the Center for Northern Peoples to learn more about the local Sami history. Through film, sound and interactive screens, they have made it easy and fun to learn. Read more about the different museums here.

6. Learn more about salmon farming in the north - visit the Aurora Salmon Center

Were you wondering when and where salmon farming started in northern Norway? Or what happens to the salmon before it gets to the store? Here you get answers. Visit the world's northernmost exhibition center, Aurora Salmon Center, on Skjervøy. The fish farming company Lerøy Aurora is located here and you will gain insight into the current fish farming industry and visit an aquaculture facility. Follow their facebook page for updated information.

7. Explore nature on your own and at your own pace

Nature is a wonderful playground and great to explore for both young and old. Here are some suggestions for trips / experiences to do on your own:

•    Test your climbing skills in the natural climbing park in Skibotn. With its location right on the shore, there are many exploration opportunities for small adventurers.
•    Plan a picnic or a summer swim to the nature area Kvennes, here you will find several campfire sites, shelters, hiking trails and a children's climbing park.
•    Test the Arctic beach life on the beach in Steinsvik outside Storslett. Toilet in the parking lot.
•    You can read more about shorter, family-friendly walks here.

Frida Xiang/Magy Media, Aurora Spirit and Dag Johansen 

8. Explore the ruins after the mining industry in Ankerlia and / or experience the thrill of standing on Gorsabrua

Ankerlia are exciting ruins after the mining industry at the beginning of the 20th century. Here the children can run around, and there are many paths to explore. Everything is well signposted, so you get to know about daily life in a mining town. 
Further up in the valley, the 153 meter high Gorzafossen waterfall falls down into a deep, impressive gorge. Here there is a footbridge over, so that you get in close contact with the foaming water masses. The whole experience is designed for families, with toilets and shelters in strategic places. The distances are so short that you can walk in between, but tired, small feet can also be driven up almost all the way to the waterfall. It is all located at the top of Kåfjorddalen, a small detour from the E6 near Birtavarre.

Read more about Ankerlia and Gorsabrua

9. Visit the bunkers at Spåkenes and learn more about the Lyngen line

At Spåkenes you can explore the ruins of the fort the Germans built during World War II. Here the children can play hide and seek in the bunkers and explore the surrounding nature. If you want to know more about the ruins, there are information signs that tell about the famous Lyngen line. The place is accessible and open to everyone and you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Lyngen Alps.

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