Experience the Skjervøy archipelago

Out near the open sea is the Skjervøy archipelago, where you can visit islands including Arnøya, Kågen, Uløya, Laukøya and Skjervøya.

The Skjervøy municipality has rich and varied nature, while the islands of Kågen and Uløya renowned ski touring destinations. Ski touring enthusiasts come here from all over the world to experience “summit to sea” skiing.
In the winter of 2017, the giant shoals of herring moved northwards from the coast off Tromsø towards the Lyngenfjord. Naturally, they attracted the whales and in recent years there has been considerable activity in the sea just off the Skjervøy. The two main whale species you can experience around Skjervøy are humpback whales and orcas (also known as killer whales).

Go on nice walks, spend the night under the Midnight Sun or the Northern Lights at the first hammock park in North Troms, learn about the Skjervøy King and the world-famous dog sled dog racer Leonhard Seppala, or enjoy a relaxing spa weekend at Arctic Panorama Lodge on Uløya.

Welcome to the Skjervøy archipelago!

Recommended activities and experiences in Skjervøy