Bungeejumping from the gorsa bridge
©Trond Are Pedersen

Bungeejumping from the Gorsa bridge

A bungee jump over a 153 meters deep canyon in Kåfjorddalen guarantee an adrenaline rush and nature experience beyond the ordinary.

Bungee jump in a dramatic environment

The bungee jump in Kåfjorddalen takes place from Gorsabrua. The well-visited bridge spanning Northern Europe's deepest canyon. Hikers and tourists who enjoy the dramatic, beautiful scenery and the tranquility of the valley frequently visit the region. The visitors can now be stuck in a knitting, climb onto the exit ramp and with the heart in the throat throw themselves between the rock walls of one of the world's northernmost bungee jumping.

The road to the bungee jump- a part of the kick

Petter Kvalsvik is the general manager of Skydiving & Sånt AS. Every summer, he receives guests who wants to throw themselves off the bridge.- The jumpers are starting to prepare themselves mentally already on the road to Gorsabrua. The beautiful walk from the parking lot is included in the whole jump package, where the climax comes when they are standing on the ramp. They are getting an energy kick by seeing the others jumping before they jump. There are high expectations, joy and adrenaline in the air! says Kvalsvik.

What does people say after the jump?

- The experience of falling free is a big part of bungee jumping, but hanging from the bridge, see the falls far below and enjoy the scenery and serenity when the jump is over is just as important, says Kvalsvik. When a jumper comes back up on the bridge, the smiley face is huge and the adrenaline high up in the head!

"I never get tired of bungee jumping"

Petter Kvalsvik did his first bungee jump in Tromsø 1991 when a company from Molde organized it and was hooked immediately. The next day, he began to work for free and got his first training. Kvalsvik went to France and was educated in building K in 1992. Some people are resigning but there were only a handful last season.- You can quickly see if people need some extra encouragement and when we give it-we are good at persuading! We would never force anyone to jump and we take care of those who withdraw. The fear is a part of the experience but no one will do anything they don´t want, says Kvalsvik. He jumps from Gorsabrua when he has the chance and every time is a unique experience.  . - I never get tired of bungee jumping!

Security and bungee jumping

The company “Skydiving & Sånt AS”, which is a professional company with trained and responsible people in place, performs the bungee jump in Kåfjorddalen. - Security are the three main parts when it comes to bungee jump, says Kvalsvik. The company at Gorsabrua has developed a system with a back up that is unloaded if something happens. Fortunately, we have never used our system! he says. From Gorsabrua, you are stuck in a body harness stick to the elastic on the back. The season for bungee jumping is from mid-June to early September. For more information and booking, check out www.bungee.no.


Gorsabrua is built in aluminum for pedestrians and was produced in Austria. The 53 meter long bridge was lifted into place by a helicopter in 2011. The bridge connects trails in the area and gives hikers a great view of the canyon, waterfalls and the area where copper was mined around 1900.


Gorsabrua is located in Kåfjorddalen (E6). Whether you come from the north or south, turn off at Birtavarre and follow the signs to Gorsabrua. There is a parking lot by the Guola powerhouse and from the parking lot, there is a 1800 meters walk through flat terrain.