Person doing a bungee jump near a waterfall
©Lyngenfjord Bungee Ørjan Bertelsen
Bungee jumping going on from a metal bridge over a deep canyon
©Ørjan Bertelsen Lyngenfjord Bungee
Person watching another person doing a bungee jump near a waterfall
©Lyngenfjord Bungee Ørjan Bertelsen

Bungee jumping from Gorsabrua

A bungee jump over a 153 meters deep canyon in Kåfjorddalen guarantee an adrenaline rush and nature experience beyond the ordinary: imagine jumping towards the roaring waterfall between the narrow gorge! This is a bungee jump we can not describe with words, you just have to try it yourself!

NB! Booking required: booking Lyngenfjord Bungee

Season 2022: 19. June - 26. September (weather dependent).
Also available for groups, be in touch with Lyngenfjord Bungee to book!

What to expect when doing a bungee jump in Gorsabrua?

Bungee jumping anywhere is an adrenaline-filled experience. In addition, in Gorsabrua, a bridge suspended over the 153 metres deep canyon, your breath is first taken away by the landscape along the walk from the parking place. When you get closer, the roaring sounds of the waterfall rushing to the bottom of the canyon get more pronounced, creating an atmosphere hard to beat. 

It is hard to put into words, what the bungee jump is like in Gorsabrua, you simply have to try it!


Gorsabrua bridge is one of the most visited locations in Northern Norway. It receives thousands of visitors every summer, and the bravest ones are here for the adrenaline-filled bungee jump experience.

The bridge itself is 53 metres long, connecting the two trails on both sides of the gorge. The bridge was brought to place by helicopter in 2011. The bridge has a great view to the gorge and the entire Kåfjord valley, including the old Ankerlia mines, not to mention the bird-eye view to one of Northern Europe's deepest canyon and its waterfalls.

How to get to Gorsabrua bungee jump?

Gorsabrua is located in Kåfjorddalen (E6). Whether you come from the north or south, turn off at Birtavarre and follow the signs to Gorsabrua. There are two parking areas to use: Ankerlia parking with about 3km walk to the bridge via the old mines or a smaller parking area a bit higher along the road. A well marked 1,8km long trail leads to the brdige.

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