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MTB - the ultimate week-long experience around the Lyngenfjord in Northern Norway

On a mountain biking holiday in the Lyngenfjord region, you get to ride in varied terrain on beautiful natural trails. You will find nice flow paths and more technically demanding paths that require more technical skills in the Skibotn region, Lyngen, the Kåfjorddalen valley and Nordreisa. Most trails in the Lyngenfjord region are medium (S2) or demanding (S3), but we have trails of all levels and something that suits most people. During the mountain biking season, which lasts from June to September, you can experience both the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights, depending on when you visit the region.

The Lyngenfjord region offers wonderful nature-based experiences. You can experience and enjoy wonderful views of the Lyngen Alps and the Lyngenfjord from the seat of your mountain bike. Lyngen is a world-famous MTB destination and has gradually also established itself as a well-known trail cycling destination. If you love ski summit trips, we can promise you that you will have the same fantastic experiences on your bike seat!

Suggested itinerary for your MTB adventure!

Mountain biking in Skibotn

In Skibotn you can stay at bike-friendly Strandbu Camping or Olderelv Camping, which are both situated close to the trails and offer everything you need for a pleasant stay during your MTB adventure in Skibotn.

The annual Skibotn Trail Festival takes place in August each year. Click here to read more about the festival.

One of Northen Norway's most popular MTB events, Lavkarrittet, is a tough 68 km race over the mountain between two valleys each August. MTB enthusiaists from all over Northern Norway gather here. Click here to read more about Lavkarrittet.

We recommend spending at least three days in Skibotn.

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Mountain biking in Lyngen

In Lyngen, you are rewarded with great views of the Lyngenfjord. The trails in Nord-Lenangen are scenic, while the trails near Lyngseidet are the most developed in the area.

If you have been ski touring in the  Lyngen Alps, you already know how wonderful the Lyngenfjord region is! Swap your skis with a mountain bike and explore the Lyngen Alps in a new and different way!

Take the ferry from Breivikeidet to Svensby, or cross the Lyngenfjord by ferry from Olderdalen.

In Lyngen, you have several accomodation oprions. Stay at the bike-friendly Magic Mountain Lodge or Solhov close to the centre of Lyngseidet or at Lyngen Experience Lodge in Nord-Lenangen, which offers panoramic views of the Ullsfjord.

We recommend spending at least two days in Lyngen.

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The most exciting trail in Kåfjord municipality is in the Kåfjorddalen valley. Kåfjorddalen is the only place in the Lyngenfjord region where you can drive by car up to approx. 700 m.a.s.l. and start your bike ride from there.

The Gorsa Trail is the gem of the Kåfjorddalen valley. It involves biking across the spectacular Gorsa Brige, which spans the deepest gorge in Northern Europe. During the summer season, thrill seekers can even bungee jump off the bridge! The Zigzag route takes you around the entire Kåfjorddalen valley, offering a close-up encounter with the Sami culture and an opportunity to see the ruins of the abandoned mining community in Ankerlia.

There is no acommodation in Birtavarre, but you can stay nearby at Olderdalen Ski Camp or Manndalen Sjøbuer, both of which are a 15-20 minute drive from Birtavarre.

We recommend spending at least one day riding the trails in Kåfjorddalen.

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Storslett is the municipal administrative centre of Nordreisa and the largest settlement in the Lyngenfjord region. It's also a national park village and the gateway to the Reisa National Park. All the trails here are natural and you often get well above the tree line. The landscape here is beautiful.

You can stay at Reisafjord Hotel or North of Lyngen apartments in Sørkjosen. If you want more luxurious accommodation, we reccomend Reisastua Lodge, which is situated approx. 30 minutes up the Reisa Valley on the banks of the Reisa river.

We reccomend spending at least two days in Nordreisa.

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