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About Visit Lyngenfjord

Visit Lyngenfjord is a destination company for the area around the Lyngenfjord in North Troms in the north of Norway.

Visit Lyngenfjord’s tasks are to develop, market, and sell tourism-based services. The company works for tourism companies located in and around the Lyngenfjord.


Tourism in the Lyngenregion shall be the most sought after in Northern Norway when it comes to sustainable experiences.

By this, we wish to highlight the importance of sustainability for tourism in the Lyngenfjord region. Sustainable tourism for us means tourism that positively contributes to the local community: employment, conservation of nature, and local culture. 

  • Conceptualise and implement projects designed to develop the tourism industry in the region
  • Be a specialist partner for the tourism industry and municipalities in the region
  • Coordinate and establish networks med tourism organisations and the business community within and outside the region
  • Market Lyngenfjord as a tourism destination nationally as well as internationally
  • Perform the hosting and information functions for the municipalities of Storfjord, Kåfjord, Lyngen, Skjervøy and Nordreisa
  • Operate the booking system for all the member companies
  • Gather, adapt, present and distribute product information to the tourism industry, media and consumers
  • Sale of tourism products on behalf of the member companies
  • Sale om complex packages that include the entire region
Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund

Visit Lyngenfjord AS is a member of the Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund (Reisagarantifondet).

Eco-Lighthouse certified company since 2017

As an Eco-Lighthouse certified company Visit Lyngenfjord works towards satisfying requirements and implementing environmental measures on a systematic and ongoing basis in order to create more environmentally friendly operations and safer work environments. Read more how we work as a sustainable travel destination.



K. Richard Paulsen - Director of tourism

K. Richard Paulsen

Director of Tourism 
Phone: +47 414 14 999

Marie Angelsen - Booking

Marie Kr Angelsen

Booking and information manager
Phone: +47 977 40 586

Karoline B.Norum - Project

Karoline B. Norum

Project/web and content
Phone: +47 950 12 052

Prosjektkoordinator Rolf Johansen

Rolf Johansen

Regional project
Phone: +47 915 49 538