Experience Storfjord

Otertinden, Steindalsbreen glacier, Skibotn valley, the northern most three-country-cairn, the Lyngen Alps, Skibotndissa - a scenic swing and much more can be experienced in Storfjord

Frida Xiang/Magy Media
Family by the Skibotn delta

Welcome to experience Storfjord!

Only 1,5 hours drive from Tromsø, lies the municipality Storfjord. The mountain plateaus, sharp mountains peaks rising from the fjord, the deep valleys and the salmon rivers offer a possibility for a range of outdoor activities. You can rent a bike to explore, stay in one of the Aurora huts with panoramic views, camp on one of the many camping grounds in the municipality or explore one or more of the many trails in Storfjord. This is just some of the activities in Storfjord.

Recommended activities and experiences in Storfjord, Northern Norway

  • Glacier hike on Steindalsbreen
  • Watch the midnightsun from the bunkers at the top of Bollmannsveien
  • Visit the northern most Three-country-cairn
  • Get to know the history behind the historical Skibotn Market place
  • Join Lavkarittet in august, Northern Norways largest mountain bike race
  • See the Lady's slipper in bloom in Lulledalen in june/july
  • Rent a bike and explore the amazing trail network in Storfjord
  • Take your picture at Skibotndissa, the scenic swing with a view of the fjord and the Lyngen Alps
  • Rent a boat and try your luck fishing on the fjord
  • Spend a night in a Aurora Hut in Hatteng