Experience Storfjord

Otertinden, Steindalsbreen glacier, Skibotn valley, the world's northernmost three-country-cairn, the Lyngen Alps, the scenic swing Skibotndissa and much more can be experienced in Storfjord

© Petr Pavlíček
Dame disser på skibotndissa

Welcome to experience Storfjord!

The municipality of Storfjord is just a 90-minute drive from Tromsø. Pointed mountain peaks plunging straight into the fjord, a plateau landscape, deep valleys and salmon rivers offer a wide variety of activities. Rent a bike to explore the area, spend the night in an Aurora cabin with a panoramic window, camp at one of the municipality’s many campsites or hike one of the many trails. This is just a few of the things you can do here.


Recommended activities and experiences in Storfjord

girl at skibotndissa

Take a photo of the Skibotndissa and the fjord

To women enjoying the view from svarteberget

Hike to Svarteberget


Hike to Hengen