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©Petr Pavlicek/Visit Lyngenfjord

What does it mean to be a sustainable destination in Northern Norway?

From magnificent nature to cultural heritage and small-town life, the Lyngenfjord region offers an authentic and welcoming opportunity to experience Northern Norway! Sustainable tourism for the area means tourism that positively contributes to the local community: employment, conservation of nature, and local culture.

We are delighted to announce that in autumn 2021, the Lyngenfjord region was granted the Sustainable Destination label by Innovation Norway for the second time. This is an important recognition for the ambitious and constant development work that the whole community participates in.   

What makes Lyngenfjord a sustainable destination? To answer this, we created a short documentary series where local companies, employees, and citizens talk about their actions and insights towards a more sustainable region. These videos are made by the talented, local filmmaker, Ørjan Bertelsen

Mini documentary - Lyngenfjord Locals Tell: "This Is What Sustainable Tourism Means For Us"

Video Subtitles: We would like to note that the videos are in Norwegian but English subtitles are also available. Just click subtitle settings on the Youtube video and choose English subtitles.

Year-round Tourism Supports the Local Life and Economy

The local economy is an essential aspect of sustainable tourism. In the video, Georg Sichelschmidt, the tourism director at Visit Lyngenfjord, describes the year-round tourism opportunities in the Lyngenfjord and how a steady visitor flow supports the local companies and their employees, supports good quality of life, and a year-round, secure income. He also highlights the value of providing quality tourism services, where constant education and development occur in the Lyngenfjord area. 


Embracing the Local Culture and Traditions

The “meeting of the three tribes” - the Kven, Sami, and Norwegian people - strongly characterizes the Lyngenfjord area, its culture, and traditions. Watch from the video, how Sandra Márjá West from Riddu Riđđu Festival, Pål Vegard Eriksen from Paaskiviikko festival, and local artist Emil Karlsen share their insights into the colorful culture in the North Troms area. 

Local Outdoor Guide: My Role Is to Secure A Safe Trip and Teach About The Local Environment 

A local guide from Manndalen, Henrik Solberg is an experienced outdoor guide. He guides small groups on hikes, backcountry skiing, and mountain biking trips in the Lyngenfjord area. Henrik sees his role as a leader of a group and as a guide, teaching and educating the guests about local nature. This way, the visitors can create a stronger connection to the environment and learn important aspects of nature. 

Aurora Spirit Distillery: A Business Built on Sustainable Values 

The world's northernmost Whisky distillery is located at the mouth of the Lyngenfjord. Founder Tor Petter W. Christensen tells on the video about how the company has considered sustainability aspects from building to energy and distillery technique. He highlights the importance of the environment but also takes a holistic view of sustainability in all business choices.

Tourism Development Supporting The Local Community 

The outdoor infrastructure: shelters, cabins, benches, and bridges, in many places in Norway is world-class! In Birtavarre, we can thank the locals Levin Mikkelsen and Villy Ballovarre from KNIK (Kultur og næring i Indre Kåfjord). The men have built and maintained the local infrastructure to ensure that all people, locals, and visitors could access nature. They are pleased with how the whole community is involved in the project by supporting and financing this important work. 

Lyngenfjord Entrepreneurs: Tourism Brings Us Together and Supports the Local Economy

Support the local! The Lyngenfjord area offers a great variety of small local companies, welcoming the visitors to experience the true north. Miriam Johansen and Laila Anita Westby from XLyngen accommodation and Tor Petter W. Christensen from Aurora Spirit distillery wish to give the visitors the unique taste of local life. They all emphasize the importance of collaboration between the local companies, contributing to a good and sustainable economy for local businesses. 

Locals and Visitors: Leave No Trace to Nature 

Nature is our home, which we need to take care of in our daily life and all our choices! For the local farmer, Hege E. Liland, nature is the place where she both lives and works. She encourages locals and visitors to respect our environment. This all starts with things as simple as "leave no trace and litter behind in nature". Litter in nature leaves an everlasting mark and can cause harm to the animals. 

Lyngen Alps: Infrastructure Protecting the Sensitive Nature

The Lyngenalps landscape protected area sits on the Lyngen peninsula in North Troms. The site is famous for hiking and skiing and unique in its fauna, flora, culture, and history. In the video, Oddrun Merete Skjemstad and Stine Emilie Nøding Hansen from the Lyngsalpan Conservation Area Board, tell us about how the conservation work develops the area in the balance of nature protection goals and outdoor recreation. In the spring of 2021, the two women worked on improving the popular trail to Blåvatnet, in order for the path to handle the visitors without causing erosion to the sensitive landscape.

sustainable destination northern norway

Sustainable Destination is the Nordic region’s only national labeling scheme for travel destinations. It is a tool for the sustainable development of businesses and destinations when it comes to the environment, the local community, the cultural heritage, and the economy. Lyngenfjord area was awarded the label first time in 2017.  


Work towards an even more sustainable region continues!

Being certified as a Sustainable Travel Destination does not mean that the job is done, but that the Lyngenfjord area is working hard to improve every single day. 

Read here more about sustainable travel opportunities in the area and Visit Lyngenfjord's strategic goals.