Green travel experiences in the Lyngenfjord region

Front of riverboat heading up river

The Lyngenfjord region was awarded the prestigious lable "Sustainable destination" by Innovation Norway in 2017. 

How can your holiday in the Lyngenfjord region be more sustainable and leave a smaller footprint? 

On these pages we help you make green choices for your stay here in the Arctic.  

Green places to stay

Presenting accommodation which has been sertified with one of the green travel labels.

Local culture and food

The unique culture in the Lyngenfjord region is called the “Meeting of the Three Tribes” and consists of the history and traditions of the Norwegian, Sami and Kven people. 

You will discover a lot of tasty locally produced food in the Lyngenfjord region. Many of the restaurants and cafés have local produce on the menu, while several companies produce local fish, meat, baking, berry and cheese products which you can buy. 

Environmentally friendly transport

If you wish to travel in an environmentally-friendly manner, you will find several alternatives in the Lyngenfjord region.

Public transport

Travelling by bus is one alternative. This requires some planning as the departures are infrequent. There are daily departures to and from the region, both northwards towards Alta and southwards to Tromsø and Narvik. By using the travel planner on, you can find information about routes, timetables and fares.

Arctic Route bus

The arctic Route bus has daily departures from Tromsø to Lyngseidet from early December to late March. This provides an easy way to experience the best the Lyngenfjord has to offer. Read more about the Arctic Route bus.

Ferry crossings in the Lyngenfjord region

There are ferry routes across the Ullsfjord and Lyngenfjord. For updated timetables and fare details, please visit: It’s easy to pay by card and there is a café on both ferries.

Charging stations for electric cars

There are currently only a few charging stations for electric cars in our region. Click here for a map and more information about charging stations in the region.

  • Fast charging station (6 chargers) at Circle K petrol station in Nordkjosbotn in Balsfjord
  • Tesla supercharging station (6 chargers) in Skibotn in Storfjord
  • Tesla charging station (1 charger) at Aurora Spirit in Årøybukt in Lyngen
  • Tesla supercharging station (6 chargers) in Sørkjosen in Nordreisa
  • Charging in Birtavarre outside Kåfjord Helsetun (3 chargers) in Kåfjord
  • Charging in Manndalen next to the petrol station (6 chargers) in Kåfjord
  • Charging in Storslett at Circle K petrol station (6 chargers) in Nordreisa

Travel Green / Sustainable Destination

The "Sustainable Destination" quality labelling scheme is based on international standards for how destinations safeguard the interaction between the local stakeholders: local governance, tourism enterprises and local communities.

Sustainability is important for tourism in the Lyngenfjord region. We offer experiences based on the region’s culture, history, resources and cultural heritage. We also limit the negative effect tourism can have on the nature and environment.

We safeguard the future by considering the impacts on nature and the environment. Our goal is to facilitate that our guests can experience the Lyngenfjord region with a good conscience

Green Travel

Every time you see a tuft of grass on Visit Lyngenfjord's pages, you know that the associated products and offers are a part of the environmental scheme. The tussock/Green Travel is a common navigation to all qualified environmental schemes used among tourism enterprises in Norway. The symbol helps you find environmentally certified activities and accommodations when planning your trip to Norway. Every time you see a tuft of grass on our page you know that the associated products and offers are a part of the scheme. This makes it easier for you to go green.

These following certifications fall under Green Travel:

Ecotourism Norway, The ecolabel Nordic Swan, Eco-Lighthouse, The Green Key, ISO 14001 and Blue Flag. Individually and collectively they guarantee that the labelled experiences follow strict rules and guidelines for the production and management of waste, energy, transport, use of chemicals and demands for subcontractors. These measures go beyond what the Norwegian law requires.

Ecotourism NorwayNordic SwanEco-lighthouseGreen KeyISO_14001Blue Flag