International dance at Riddu Riddu
©Ørjan Bertelsen/Riddu Riddu

Riddu Riđđu Festival!

The Riddu Riđđu indigenous festival is held every July in Manndalen on the shores of the Lyngenfjord. For more than 25 years, people have travelled from near and far to the municipality of Kåfjord in North Troms to attend what has now become an important indigenous festival in an international context.

Indigenous festival in Northern Norway

The festival’s history can be traced back to a group of Sami youths gathering for an informal barbecue in Kåfjord. The festival’s name “Riddu Riđđu” means little storm on the coast, which is highly appropriate when more than 5,000 transform this small village into an international centre for indigenous people from around the world.

Exciting festival programme

The five-day festival runs from Wednesday to Sunday in July. The programme features a host of exciting and unique workshops, activities, art, theatre, films, literature, food and of course music. Everyone gathers in front of the festival stage each evening to listen and dance to music and songs from every corner of the world.Well-known artists to perform at Riddu Riđđu Festivàla in recent years include Mari Boine, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Angélique Kidjo, Violet Road and Leagus.The festival arena features lavvu (traditional Sami herdsmen’s tents) where you can sit around the fire, and most people attending the festival stay in tents in the festival camp. During the festival, you can taste traditional Sami food and other North Norwegian dishes.

Fun for children and youth

The featural offers a special fun-filled and informative festival programme for children and youth. Children can make new friends while participating in events such as horse riding, stockfish banking, fun and games and traditional Sami handicraft (duodji). The young festival goers can also learn more about various languages, traditions and cultures.

Coastal Sami culture by the Lyngenfjord

Riddu Riđđu Festivàla is an extremely valuable arena for making visible and creating awareness of the Coastal Sami culture and indigenous people from around the world.The platform the festival has established over many years has contributed towards building bridges and friendships across ethnicity, international borders and cultures.

Pride for North Troms

The objective of the festival is "pride for Kåfjord, North Troms, Sápmi and the indigenous peoples of the world”. The festival wishes to promote respect, tolerance and joy in meetings between different cultures.In 2009 Riddu Riđđu became one of a select few junction festivals (knutepunktfestivaler) with national status in Norway.

More information about Riddu Riđđu

Check the festival website for info on how to get to Manndalen, prices, programme, accommodation and more. This information is available in English.