Hundekjøring i lav vintersol
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Dog sledding in the Lyngenfjord region

Feel the fresh wind in your face as you stand at the back of the sled going at full speed through the arctic landscape - while the dogs happily run in front! Now it's your turn to live out your dreams of being a real dog sledder in the wilderness! If you want to experience the stark, winter silence of the forest, you can book a sled ride after dark. If you would rather be able to see fox tracks and maybe even spot a moose or two, then book a day trip. Would you rather choose to visit the region in the autumn, it is entirely possible to experience the magic of dog sledding - we simply replace the sled with a cart instead!

Why dog ​​sledding by the Lyngenfjord?

Riding your own dog sled by the Lyngenfjord allows you to see and experience the wild, beautiful, arctic nature and tranquility it has in a completely unique way. The reason for this is that you do this together with the dogs.

There are many opportunities to try your hand at dog sledding in the Lyngenfjord region. You do not need any experience, as the dog sledders in the Lyngenfjord region offer dog sledding tours with professional guides, who will happily teach you how to drive the sled yourself. Upon arrival in Tromsø airport, getting around is easy with either public transportation, pickup upon booking your trip or renting your own car. 

Various possibilities for dog sledding

Dog sledding can be done in summer, autumn, spring and winter. The difference is whether you use a cart or a sled. You can choose between longer and shorter rides, and several of the dog sledding operators let you choose between rides during the day or in the evening. During the day you will get a beautiful view of the surroundings, while the evening walks provide opportunities to experience the magical northern lights that dance across the sky!

Dog sledding in spectacular, arctic surroundings

When the first snow of the season has fallen, you can come dog sledding with us in Lyngen, Skibotn valley or the Reisa valley. The dog sledding season lasts until the end of March and trips are generally being arranged everyday.  


Dog sledding on wheels - Autumn's most beautiful experience!

Dog sledding minus the snow and sled? No problem! We simply replace the sled with a cart and give you an adventure you'll never forget! The season lasts until the first snow fall. . 

Our operators who offer dog sledding in the region:

At Riverland Husky you will drive your own dog sled in the Reisa valley - by the entrance to Reisa National Park. The owner, Tom Einar, has a long experience with dog sledding and started with the sport in Reisadalen because he wanted more people to have the opportunity to experience being out in the beautiful, wild nature that surrounds us in Northern Norway. At the same time he gets the pleasure of doing this with his dogs and in that way get even closer to the Arctic lifestyle. He offers dog sledding to small groups - two people share a sled. Tom Einar runs both day trips and evening trips where you will have a chance to see the northern lights!

You will be served hot drinks and food at the wilderness camp halfway through the trip.

Lyngen Outdoor Experiences - Dog sledding rides with top trained running dogs

Dog sledder Tom Frode Johansen has over 35 years worth of experience with dog sledding. He only does small groups and you get to drive your very own team with top-trained draft dogs. Tom Frode and his guides have participated in a number of races and in 2017 he and the dogs achieved 7th place in the famous Finnmark dog sledding race (Finnmarksløpet). 

Lyngen Outdoor Experiences runs longer trips with campfires and food along the way, but you should still be in good shape. Here you can see both the fjord and the majestic Lyngsalpan. An experience you will surely never forget!  Tours are carried out both during the day and in the evening with the chance of seeing the Northern Lights. In the autumn, you have the opportunity to try your hand at dog sledding in a cart - a completely different experience to the traditional sleds. 

Active North - Dog sledding tours in beautiful Skibotndalen

At Active North, you will run your own team of dogs in Skibotndalen. Tomas and his guides have extensive experience with dog sledding, and Tomas has participated in the Finnmark dog sledding race several times. You ride your own dog team of 4-6 Alaska husky dogs, with two people sharing each sled.

The trip requires that you are in good shape and can help the dogs along the way. After the trip, a hot meal is served in the lavvo. Active North offers dog sledding both during the day and in the evening with the opportunity to see the northern lights. In the autumn, you have the opportunity to take part in dog sledding.

In the spring, Tomas offers multi-day trips with dog sleds where you ride a dog into the plateau towards the Finnish border.

Svensby Tursenter / Lyngen Husky

Svensby is idyllically located at the foot of Lyngsalpan. Lyngen Husky is a family company that offers sled rides with spectacular views that already start at the camp. Lyngen Husky offers two different trips - their day trip and their evening trip; the latter with a bonfire and light snacks/drinks.

Dog sledding is suitable for almost everyone, but you must be physically able to drive yourself and walk / run uphill.

Kaasen og Seppala - Legendene fra Lyngenfjord

Did you know that two dog sledders from the Lyngenfjord region became world-famous legends? Gunnar Kaasen (1882-1960) from Kvænangen and his guide dog Balto and Leonhard I. Seppala (1877-1967) from Skibotn in Storfjord with the guide dog Togo.

Seppala has even had a dog breed named after him; Seppala husky. While Gunnar Kaasen's guide dog Balto has his own statue in Central Park in New York.

In addition to winning several dog races, they were especially honored for their incredible efforts during the serum race to the city of Nome in Alaska in 1925, which transported serum to combat an epidemic-stricken city.