Guide to accessibility in the Lyngenfjord region

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Sandørneset, an accessible nature area

The Lyngenfjord region is known for its many nature adventures in the Lyngen Alps and in the Reisa National Park. You might think that if you have a disability there is nothing you can do here. You couldn't be more wrong, several places can accommodate different needs.

Visit Lyngenfjord has looked into which activites, accommodations, services etc. is accessible to all.

Most hotels, cafes and restaurants cater to visitors with different accessibility needs. Also the museums (except the old museum buildings) and the Aurora Spirit distillery are fully accessible. Some of the activity providers can accommodate guests with accessibility issues.

For the best experience we recommend contacting us in advance so we can recommend suppliers who are able to provide specialist services according to your needs. Most of them will offer a private tour rather than with a larger group in order to cater for both your needs and the needs of other guests. 

Getting around

The main museums in the region are wheelchair accessible. Both Centre of Northern People and North Troms Museums main exhibit at Halti, Storslett are accessible by wheelchair and have lifts in their buildings. 

The smaller museum buildings spread around in the region, and part of the North Troms Museum, are all historical buildings and not possible to visit with a wheel chair.

Most cafes, bars and restaurants are equipped with ramps and have space to accommodate wheelchairs. Many also have HC toilets available.

See our overview of places to eat in the region and contact them directly if you need specific information.

På taket kafeKaffekiin and BIOS in Storslett and Sørkjosen are wheelchair accessible and have HC toilets

Several of the accommodations in the region have wheelchair accessible rooms, ramps, HC toilets, elevators and parking. 

Hotel Maritim Skjervøy and Reisafjord Hotel both have HC-rooms and elevators.

The Arctic Panorama Lodge has everything on one floor, which makes everything easily accessible.

Sights and activities

At the northernmost whisky distillery, they welcome guests with different disabilities. The distillery itself has everything located on one floor, no stairs to climb. If visiting the storage units, you have to walk outside for a bit to reach them.

The distillery is accessible by wheelchair and they have a HC-toilet..

In the wintertime snow and ice can make accessing the entrance from the carpark difficult. We suggest you have some help.

If you have any specific needs for your visit - contact Aurora Spirit directly.

Some tours can cater to visitors with accessibility issues. Most tours require guests to be able to sit in a normal seat with their wheelchair stored.

If you would like to join activities such as dogsledding you need to be able to have some use of your legs to sit comfortably. If you have a question about a specific activity we recommend you to contact the activity provider directly.

When in doubt its best to contact our activity suppliers directly well in advance. You can also feel free to contact us, and we will help you to plan your trip to the Lyngenfjord region.

Most of our whale safaris take place in RIBs or smaller boats, which requires you to be able to walk on board the boat by your self. We recommend you to contact the activity providers directly for details on their tours.

In the Lyngenfjord region there are several nature areas which are accessible by wheelchair. Some of them have access to HC toilets as well as shelters and fireplaces.

Check our overview of wheel friendly hikes here.