Food and drink

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Lyngen shrimps and salad on a plate

It's not a secret that there is a lot of local food and local produce between the sea and the mountain plains in the Lyngenfjord region. The local distillery, Aurora Spirit, use f.ex. berries from the Lyngen Alps to get the right taste in their products. The distillery is world known for its whisky, gin and aquavit, and have received several prices for their drinks. The visitor centre is well worth a visit.

Another well known product is the Lyngen Shrimps, caught in our fjords. Nothing tastes better than fresh shrimps from Lyngen Reker.

Here we would like to present what you can experience and taste in the Lyngenfjord region.

Places to eat and drink

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Other places:
  • Johnsen Grillkjøkken, Nord-Lenangen
  • Cafe Zapffe, Svensby
  • Go 2 Arctic Grill, Lyngseidet
  • Hatteng Grillbar, Hatteng
  • Joker, Birtavarre
  • Håkon Gjestehus, Olderdalen
  • På Taket Kafé, Sørkjosen
  • Grill og vinhus, Storslett