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©Georg Sichelschmidt
©Georg Sichelschmidt
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Mushrooms and berry picking

The nature in Lyngenfjord is a pantry of delicacies and you cannot find more local and organic food than when you pick your own berries and mushrooms during autumn.


The most popular and exclusive berry we have is the cloudberry. You must walk through marshes and have a lot of patience to find this Arctic treasure. When you have found them, you can make warm ice cream sauce, delicious cloudberry jam or just eat them as they are! The taste is tart and the consistency soft with small cores in it. Furthermore, cloudberries are full of vitamin C. 

Blueberries and lingonberries

Blueberries and lingonberries are very common in the valleys surrounding the Lyngenfjord. Bring a bucket in September and you can fill it up in no time. These berries make the perfect ingredient for jam, cordial or jelly.


During the same season the berries are ripe, the forests and the valleys are also full of mushrooms. As not all mushroom species are edible, remember to bring a mushroom book! With some luck, you can find the delicious yellow chanterelles.

Where can you find berries and mushrooms?

The best way to find the berries and mushrooms in the Lyngenfjord region is to walk or hike in the beautiful valleys. Remember to take buckets or plastic bags! The cloudberries grow in marshlands in the mountains and on the plains. They are sometimes difficult to spot so keep your eyes open for the white flowers with the orange berries on top. Blueberries and lingonberries grow on hills, open areas in the valleys and higher up in the mountains.

The easiest places to find wild mushrooms are usually in forests and in ditches. The locals have their secret places, which they rarely tell others about. So, our advice is, if you find a big chanterelle stock, keep it to yourself!

Using wild berries and plants

Both the Aurora Spirit distillery and the Little Berry Cookery at 69°N use local berries and plants in their production