Fiske på Lyngenfjorden utenfor Skibotn
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Experiences in Storfjord, Northern Norway

Storfjord in Northern Norway is the perfect place for a range of nature activities and experiences. Everything for walks by the fjord, to hiking up to one of the many mountain peaks or multi-day hikes in the mountains. Many local companies can give you unforgettable experiences in Storfjord. If you want to explore on your own you can f.ex. rent a boat to try your luck fishing in Northern Norway or rent a bike to explore the many trails in Storfjord. 

    Experiences around Storfjord
    Local experiences in Skibotn
    • Strandpromenaden - path along the seaside
    • Rustic shelters by Kielva, Okseneset and Laplassen, perfect for a picnic
    • Frisbeegolf by Skibotn Helse og Rehabilitering (bring your own frisbees)
    • The trail network to Svarteberget, Hengen, Sledo and Varto
    • Rent an e-mountain bike at Active North
    • Rent a boat at Active North
    Local experiences Hatteng/Oteren
    • Hike to Bjørnhumpen and Skjellhumpen
    • Rustic shelter by Otertun, perfect for families
    Local experiences Elvevoll/Steindalen
    • Sandørneset Outdoor area with picninc areas, bonfire places and climbing jungle 
    • Hike to Dalvatnan
    • Rent kayak Vestre Storfjord Lysløypelag
    • Rustic shelter at Skaidi, along the lighted trail from Elvevoll

    Summer- and autumn experiences in Storfjord

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    Winter experiences in Storfjord

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