Familie i Lyngenfjord sommer

Nature-based experiences for families in the Lyngenfjord region

Bring your whole family to the Lyngenfjord region and go on nice hikes and exciting excursions together.

Popular winter activities include whale watching, skiing and dog sledding. During the summer, we recommend going on an exciting riverboat safari in the Reisa National Park and going hiking, fishing or swimming in the fjord.

Family-friendly excursions

Riverboat safari in the Reisa National Park

An experienced local boatman pilots a long, slim riverboat up the river. Banks of birch, alder and aspen slowly give way to dense pine forest. The occasional tent is pitched beside a boat pulled up onto the bank, as this is salmon season and the fishermen need a siesta at midday. A boat trip to the Mollisfossen waterfall is not strenuous. It's only a few minutes' walk to the waterfall, so children, older people and many disabled people can manage it. It's unique to experience untouched wilderness. When you reach the waterfall, you can enjoy a packed lunch or barbecue. 

Dog sledding on wheels

This is a fun experience for the whole family, even when there is no snow. The friendly Alaskan huskies love to run, but they also enjoy getting a hug and you will soon realise that they appreciate your visit.


Kvennes is an easily accessible recreational area near Storslett national park village. The area is situated above the outlet of the Reisa river into the Reisafjord.

Amenities here include signs, gravel paths, rustic shelters and fireplaces with tables and benches.

There is a well-developed trail network offering shorter walks in the area, including in the forest, on the beach and near the mouth of the river. Part of the area is adapted for wheelchair users and those pushing prams.

The long beaches and shallow water make this a popular bathing spot for the locals during the summer. You can also pick wild berries and mushrooms here in the autumn.

Worth knowing: The children’s nature park is a fun place for climbing.

Spåkenes coastal fort

Spåkenes, which is located on the boundary between the municipalities of Nordreisa and Kåfjord, offers a wonderful historical experience of a World War II coastal fort. The site by the fjord is also a perfect spot to enjoy the Midnight Sun and panoramic views of the open sea, Kåfjord and the majestic Lyngen Alps across the fjord. To the north, you can catch a glimpse of the islands of Arnøya and Nord-Fugeløy! The fort was built by the Germans during the war. Although it was destroyed when they left, several bunkers and gun sites remain, which you can explore. You can read more about the coastal fort at Spåkenes on the many information signs erected in the area.

Ankerlia and the Gorsa Brigde

This nice hike leads you past an old mining area and further up the valley to the Gorsa Bridge, which crosses the 153 m deep canyon. Thrill seekers can bungee jump off the bridge on Saturdays during the summer season. 

Family-friendly accommodation

Magic Mountain Lodge - Lyngseidet

Patrick og Henrika welcome you to Magic Mountain Lodge at Lyngseidet. The lodge is surrounded by mountains and has a fantastic view of the Lyngenfjord. This is a perfect base for active families who love going hiking and biking, to mention but a few activities. 

We recommend going on a bike ride to Rottenvik, the picnic area by the old Rottenvik bridge and to Rottenvik waterfall, which is a relatively short bike ride from the lodge.

Enjoy a nice day in the centre of Lyngseidet in Prestelv park, play chess on the giant outdoor chess set, cross the rope bridge to the small island Skattøya (Treasure Island), enjoy other activities or just chill in the park.

Manndalen Sjøbuer - Manndalen

The eight newly renovated seaside cottages are situated on the water's edge and many feature private saunas. Rent your own boat to go fishing, and enjoy a relaxing soak in the jacuzzi. We recommend a visit to the Centre of Northern Peoples, where you can learn about the Coastal Sami and Kven cultures in the region. A hiking trip to the Baalsrud Cave is highly recommended and suits the whole family. It's a relatively easy hike (approx. 10 km return).

XLyngen - Nord Lenangen

XLyngen is located in the northern part of the Lyngen Alps in the small fishing village of Nord-Lenangen. Rent a boat and catch a big fish under the Midnight Sun, rent a bike and explore the area, hike to the popular Blåisvatnet (The Blue Lake) and swim in the ice-cold glacial water, or go berry picking and make your very own jam! After a long day exploring, take a relaxing dip in the fjord or in the outdoor jacuzzi. 

Skjervøy fiskecamp - Skjervøy

The family-friendly Skjervøy fishing camp lies a short distance from the vibrant fishing village of Skjervøy. The fishing camp rent out boats, and there is a children's playgroud on site. We strongly reccommend a visit to the Aurora Salmon Centre, an interative exhibition where you can learn about the aquaclture industry and Norwegian salmon production. Boat trips to the salmon farm are available on request.

For a great view of Skjervøy, the surrounding islands and the fjord, take the short and easy hike up to the top of Stussnes mountain (161 m.a.s.l.). At the top you can make a fire by the rustic shelter, chill in the hammock park (bring your own hammok) or just enjoy the beautiful view.

Olderelv Camping - Skibotn

Olderelv Camping is centrally located in the village Skibotn. You will find everything you need for a relaxing holiday here. A short walk from the camping site, you will find Skibotn climbing park where children can climb and enjoy themselves.

Best places for ice cream!

Mix - Storslett and Skjervøy

The Mix kiosk in the centre of Storselett and/or the centre of Skjervøy is open every day. They have a wide range of treats such as milkshakes, ice cream and soft service ice cream. 


Løkvollstranda Camping

Løkvollstranda Camping in the Coastal Sami village of Manndalen sells fast food and soft serve ice cream.


Spiser is en sommerdag i Manndalen

Tips from local families about what to do

Meet Felix (4) and Majken (8) from Lyngseidet

Felix and Majken live in Lyngseidet together with their parents Henrika and Patrik, who own and run Magic Mountain Lodge, a few hundred metres from the centre of Lyngseidet.

This is an active family who enjoy hiking, ski touring, and (mountain) biking.

Join the family on a bike ride to Rottenvik waterfall in Lyngen, a wonderful yet easy ride - perfect for families! Click here to read a description of the route to the Rottenvik waterfall.


Felix og Majken sykler til Rottenvikfossen
Meet Leander (11), Lykke (7) and Aslak (7) from Manndalen

Leander and Lykke live in Manndalen and Aslak lives in Tromsø, but he loves to visit his friends in Manndalen.

They are an active family and go on many shorter and longer hikes in the local vacinity. A family favourite is Hotel Savoy, where they can fish, grill lunch on a fire and climb the trees.

Join the family at Hotel Savoy by the Lyngenfjord and listen to them describing their favourite activities and places in the region (in Norwegian).