A kid walking towards the summit
©Ørjan Bertelsen

Family friendly hikes in the Lyngenfjord region

Are you visiting the Lyngenfjord region with children? Here are several shorter trips that are suitable for the whole family. It is advisable to take several breaks and stops along the way. Let's go hiking and exploring!

An overview of the hikes

Walking out to Lyngstuva is an ideal experience for the whole family. The path takes you along the shore and there are many opportunities to go exploring on the rocky beach. During the hike you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding fjords and islands. It can be quite windy by the lighthouse and a small cabin provides shelter here.

This lovely short walk in the forest is suitable for all ages. It is possible to make the whole loop circuit, about 3 km, or walk directly to the shelter and fire place which is about 500 m from the parking. The difference in alltitude between the lowest and highest points on the path is 100 m. 

The Lulledalen nature reserve, is known for its rich diversity of orchids.

The hike up the mountain Stussnesfjellet on the island of Skjervøy is equally nice in summer and winter. The path is a gravel road which leads all the way to a rustic shelter on the summit. The viewpoint offers a good view of the fishing village Skjervøy.

Engnes in Skjervøy is a beautiful natural gem! This hike offers a wonderful view of the open sea. The path follows an old, but well-maintained cart road that was developed in conjunction with the building of the coastal fort at the northern tip of Skjervøy. In the summer, the path is suitable for prams. 

Kvennes is an easily accessible recreational area near Storslett national park village. Here you will find a network of paths, rustic shelters and fireplaces with tables and benches, as well as a children's nature park.

Årvikmarka in the Årvikdalen valley on the island of Arnøya is well developed for walking. A gravel path leads up the Årvikdalen valley to the old electric power plant. A rustic shelter is the perfect spot for a break.

Sarafossen is one of the highest waterfalls in Nordreisa. It’s easily accessible, included for children with previous walking experience. In the late summer, you can pick wild blueberries along the path. 

This is a walk to the spectacular Gorsa Bridge, which crosses 153 m above the Sabetjohk Canyon. The shorter and easiest trail is from the parking at Fosseveien. It is also possible to explore the area around Ankerlia. Here you will find the ruins from the mining community, which was closed  down in 1919. From Ankerlia it is possible to follow a longer trail to the Gorsa bridge.

If you visit Spåkenes, you can experience the remnants of a German coastal fort from World War II and a wonderful view of the Lyngenfjord at the same time. The area is mostly flat and a great place to go exploring.

It’s easily accessible and ideal for the whole family. Explore the seaside and enjoy a break at the grill cabin. To reach Arnøya you need to take a ferry.

This is an excellent day trip for families with older children who are used to hiking. The open cabin is located above Lyngseidet and offers a great view of the fjord and a perfect spot to enjoy a packed lunch.

The walk to Truisku offers wonderful views of Sørkjosen and the Reisafjord and is a popular route among the locals. A rustic shelter, table and benches at the top provides a great place to relax.

This route leads to the northern tip of the island of Laukøya (check the ferry timetables to reach the island). A nice trail along the shoreline, in rough weather you will really feel the forces of nature here.

  • Lake Dalvatnan

The walk up Elvevolldalen valley to lakes Dalvatnan is a wonderful day trip for families. It is part of the loop circuit in Elvevoll.