Kids biking along a gravelpath
©Kjetil Skog


Årvikmarka in the Årvikdalen valley on the island of Arnøya is well developed for walking. This route is ideal for history enthusiasts.

Hiking description

The route starts at the youth club hall in Årviksand, where an archway marks the entrance to the recreation area.

A well-developed gravel path leads up the Årvikdalen valley to the old electric power plant. It was bombed by the Germans during World War II and is now in ruins.

A nice grill cabin has now been built here, making it a perfect spot for a break.

The gravel paths, bridges and rustic shelters have been built by the local community on a volunteer basis for everyone’s enjoyment. The path is pram and wheelchair friendly.

All photos: Kjetil Skog

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