Rocks, mountain and sea at hellnesodden.
©Rita Mathiesen


This route leads to the northern tip of the island of Laukøya.

Hiking description

Hellnesodden faces the open sea (Lopphavet) and is a fine spot to see the Midnight Sun in the summer. In rough weather, you will really feel the forces of nature here!

When you arrive by ferry at Nikkeby, follow the gravel road approx. 8.5 km to the end of the road at Hellnes.

The terrain is virtually flat. Although the path is not marked, it’s clear and follows the shoreline to the tip of the headland.

The streams provide fresh mountain water, which Norwegians often use to brew coffee on a fire.

Ferry information

You will find the ferry schedule at If you don’t want to take your car, biking is a good alternative and bikes are free on the ferry.

Remember to check the ferry time, as departures are infrequent.