Person enjoying the view of Storslett from the peak Jyppyrä in the evening sun
©Nordreisa Kommune/Ørjan Bertelsen


The striking peak Jyppyrä (872 m a.s.l.) just east of Storslett national park village is easy to recognise.

Hiking description

Start at the intersection of route 865 up the Reisa Valley and Lundefjellvegen. Walk about 100 m east along route 865 and then follow the gravel road through the gate on the upper side of the road. Remember to close the gate behind you!

A small path initially leads through dense spruce forest. After a while, this becomes a wider and clear path through birch forest. The path is marked with red paint on rocks. You will get nice views when you get above the treeline.

At the intersection, take the main path straight ahead, which leads gradually up the mountainside. At an elevation of approx. 550 m, you will come to a small mountain pass, where the path leads slightly down to a small lake before continuing upwards again.

It’s a steep climb and even in summer there can be snow here, which makes it challenging to get up. When you have navigated the snow, finding the path in the scree can pose a new challenge.

We recommend following the ridge to the cairn at the top. You can enjoy wonderful views of the Reisa Valley from the top before following the same route down.

Alternative: Turning right at the intersection on the way up takes you on a shorter, steeper and more challenging route straight to the top. The path is less clear but marked. You can also return this way.