Enjoying the view of the islands and beaches from Arontinden
©Lars Thomas

Adventurous hikes in the Lyngenfjord region

In the Lyngenfjord region you can experience high airy peaks, glaciers and sparkling blue water. Here are some of the spectacular and longer hikes you can enjoy. For hiking of the beaten track we recommend using a map.

Longer day hikes with amazing views

The hike to the summit of Uløytinden starts from Havnnes in the west of the island Uløya. The peak will give you an amazing view of the Lyngenfjord and the Lyngen Alps

The mountain peak Arontinden (563 m a.s.l.) at the north of the island Uløya offers beautiful views of the Folles islands and the islands of Vorterøya, Arnøya and Kågen to the north and the Lyngen Alps to the west.

The striking peak Jyppyrä (872 m a.s.l.) just east of Storslett national park village is easy to recognise. The last climb can be challenging, before reaching the peak.

There are several mountain peaks in this area, the highest of which is on the Norwegian side. It is called Ráisduottarháldi, which is a Sami name, and rises to a height of 1,361 m above sea. Finland’s highest peak, Halti, is situated nearby and reaches 1,331 m above sea level.

  • Moskkugáisi mines

Follow the old "Rallarveien" (migrant workers' road) which winds up towards the mountain Moskkugáisi.

  • Storhaugen above Manndalen

The walk offers wonderful views of the Manndalen valley. The path is slightly steep the whole way and a bit rough and uneven at times.

Multi day hikes

One of the most impressive ways to arrive to Norway is a journey through a large wilderness area crossing the border at Finland’s highest peak and continuing down to Lyngenfjord. Starting point in Kilpisjärvi, Finland.

Experience wild and beautiful Arctic nature, including high alpine mountains, glaciers, deep valleys and mountain plateaus, on this multi-country trail. If you are extremely lucky, you will also see brown bears, wolverines and the rare polar fox!

This route is part of the Arctic Trail (Nordkalottleden) and in 2018 officially became an Historic hiking route as the route offers magnificent nature-based experiences and is of important cultural heritage value. This route is 60 km and takes several days to complete. You start at Saraelv, walk along the banks of the Reisa river to the Imofossen waterfall and continue over the mountains to the Finnmarksvidda mountain plateau and lake Reisavann.

This is a spectacular and challenging hike for the more adventurous. It offers a wonderful view of the open sea, dramatic war history and quite a climb.