Sitting and enjoying the view from Arontinden an out towards islands of Skjervøy on a sunny day
©Lars Thomas

Arontinden in North Uløya

The mountain peak Arontinden (563 m a.s.l.) at the north of the island Uløya offers beautiful views of the Folles islands and the islands of Vorterøya, Arnøya and Kågen to the north and the Lyngen Alps to the west.

Hiking description

There are three different routes to the summit. This description is of the main path, which is moderately challenging. Turn off at the ‘Ut i Nord’ sign at Bjørkestøl, approx. 4 km along the gravel road from the ferry landing.The path starts to the right of the largest cabin, and it’s clearly marked with markers along the way. You will pass “Italienersletta”, where several Italian skiers were taken by an avalanche. Thankfully all survived.On the edge of the mountain, you pass “Reinrabben” and from there the path heads towards the cairn on Arontinden. From the summit, you can enjoy the spectacular views and on a warm summer’s day you can have a refreshing dip in one of the mountain lakes west of the cairn.

Alternative: If you want a gentler but longer hike, start from Arctic Panorama Lodge. This route is well marked but the path is not so clear.


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