Northern Lights in Northern Norway, Lyngenfjord, by Jan R Olsen
©Jan R Olsen

Best place to see the northern lights

The Lyngenfjord region and Tromsø lies directly below the aurora oval, making it the perfect place to be, to spot the northern lights.

The Aurora Oval, also known as the Aurora Belt, is a doughnut shaped ring around the Arctic and Antarctica. Depending on how high the KP-index is, the aurora oval often moves south. As a region directly below the oval belt, the Lyngenfjord region has a high chance of northern lights also when the kp index is low.

Local tips for finding a good northern lights spot
  • Find a place with a open sky towards the north. The northern lights often cross the sky east - west.
  • Patience is a virtue.
  • Find a spot with little light pollution. This should be easy to find in our region.
  • Check the weather forecast to find a place with a clear sky, the map funtion at is a great tool for this
  • If it is cloudy by the coast, a tip is to drive inland, towards Skibotndalen or Reisadalen