Standing by the Blue lake, enjoying the view of the lake and the Lyngen Alps
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Blåisvatnet (the Blue Lake) in Sør-Lenangen is a gorgeous lake with an intense blue colour that stands in strong contrast to the steep mountains in the background. Getting there is an hike that suits young and old alike. The trail is rocky, so you should wear sturdy shoes and be sure footed.

Blåisvatnet has an idyllic location at the foot of the Lenangsbreen glacier on the Lyngen peninsula. The walk here is an experience you will remember. 

Getting there

Blåisvatnet is about 4 km east of another lake, Jægervatnet. If you are driving from Lyngseidet, turn off in the direction of Svensby then head towards Jægervatn and Sør-Lenangsbotn. You can park your car in the car park on the right-hand side of the road.The drive from Tromsø takes about 2.5 hours, including the ferry crossing from Breivikeidet – Svensby.

Hiking to Blåisvatnet

If you wish to walk directly to Blåisvatnet, simply follow the markers, the top of which are painted red. The walk to and from Blåisvatnet is roughly 8 km. Allow about 90 minutes to reach the lake and an hour to walk back again.The lake lies at an altitude of 189 m, and most of the walk there is in relatively gentle and flat terrain. The last part of the walk up to the lake involves climbing over large stones and scree. This hike is ideal for the whole family.  The best time to walk to the lake is in the summer or autumn. The gorgeous blue colour of the water is strongest on sunny afternoons.

  • Are you ready for a genuine nature-based experience? If so, we can recommend an ice cold and refreshing dip in Blåisvatnet. This will give you a real adrenalin kick!
Alternative route via Aspevatnet

An alternative route to Blåisvatnet is to walk via another lake, Aspevatnet. Follow the path to the cabins and across the bridge then the marked route to lake Aspevatnet. From lake Aspevatnet, you follow the marked path from the northern side of the lake and across the outlet of the lake.

Did you know that the clear blue colour of the water may be explained by the high content of silt particles in the meltwater from the Lenangsbreen glacier…? 


Visiting Blåisvatnet during the winter months - what should you know

During the winter months the lake Blåisvatnet (Blue lake) is covered with ice and/or snow. Arriving at the lake in the winter by skis or snowshoes you will see a hugh white flat area where the lake is, and in the background the snow covered Lyngen Alps.

The ice normally covers the lake until the beginning of June.

If you take the trip in the wintertime we recommend to dress warm and bring something to eat and drink for your hike. Do not forget to check the weather forecast as the weather can change quickly in our area.

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