Checking the info board in Reisa National Park
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Top 10 hikes in the Lyngenfjord region

The Lyngenfjord region can offer a variety of hikes. You can hike along the coast overlooking the open sea, climb one of the many majestic peaks in the Lyngen Alps, experience walking on a glacier or go on hike in the Reisa National Park.

Our ten most popular hikes are:

•    Blåisvatnet - the blue lake
Blåisvatnet (the Blue Lake) in Sør-Lenangen is a gorgeous lake with an intense blue colour that stands in stark contrast to the steep mountains in the background. Getting there is an easy hike that suits young and old alike.

•    Lyngstuva
Walking out to Lyngstuva is an ideal experience for the whole family. You will be rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding fjords and islands. It’s also a perfect spot to enjoy the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights!

•    World’s northernmost three-country cairn
The three-country cairn (Treriksrøysa) near Goldajavri in Storfjord marks the point where Norway, Sweden and Finland meet, which is 69° North and 490 m above sea level.

•    Halti – Finlands highest peak
There are several mountain peaks in this area, the highest of which is on the Norwegian side. It is called Ráisduottarháldi, which is a Sami name, and rises to a height of 1,361 m above sea. Finland’s highest peak, Halti, is situated nearby and reaches 1,331 m above sea level.

•    Gorsa bridge (Gorsabrua)
This is a walk to the spectacular Gorsa Bridge, which crosses 153 m above the Sabetjohk Canyon, northern Europes deepest canyon.

•    Steindalsbreen glacier – a geological treat
The fantastic glacier Steindalsbreen in the Steindalen valley/Gievdanvággi is well worth visiting. The glacier and the valley are both regarded as geological treats – and it’s also worthwhile taking a closer look at the flora near the glacier. You will also see signs of how the glacier has retreated.

•    Bollmannveien/Russeveien
Walking the Bollmann road offers wonderful views of the Lyngenfjord and a unique insight into the local war history. In the summertime, it’s a perfect place to experience the Midnight Sun!

•    Engnes
Engnes in Skjervøy is a beautiful natural gem! This hike offers a wonderful view of the open sea, while the remnants of the German coastal fort will give you an insight into the history of World War II here.

•    Sarafossen
Sarafossen is one of the highest waterfalls in Nordreisa. It’s easily accessible, including for children with previous walking experience. The Sarafossen waterfall is a spectacular sight!

•    Lulledalen forest path
This lovely short walk in the forest is suitable for all ages. This valley is renowned for its rich diversity of orchids with more than 16 species, including the Lady’s slipper, a beautiful orchid that blooms in June/July. Many information signs along the route describe the area’s rich flora and fauna.

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