Lyngentrappa on a sunny autumn day
©Marie Kr Angelsen

Lyngentrappa - Great views of Lyngseidet and the Lyngenfjord

The Lyngen Staircase is a Sherpa staircase built by Sherpas from Nepal. The staircase itself is over 1,200 steps with 450 meters of altitude, and winds its way up Giæverlia on Lyngseidet.

The Lyngen staircase was officially opened by godmother Kristin Harila on August 19, 2023. In 2023, Harila set a world record in mountaineering, as she climbed the world's 14 highest mountains in 92 days.

The starting point for the hike can be found by searching for "Lyngentrappa" on Google Maps.

The Sherpa staircase is part of a longer walk that starts in the center of Lyngseidet, with an access road through Giæverlia. After 856 continuous steps in steep terrain, the Lyngen staircase becomes a path combined with steps in the steepest sections.

The Lyngen staircase continues as a path along Eidnasen on to Verdens Ende (468 masl). From this point there is a path up towards Rundtinden (897 masl). From here you get a fantastic view of the Lyngen Alps, Kjosen, Rottenvikvannet, Lyngenfjord and Lyngseidet. The return goes either the same way, or via "Tractorveien" down to Lyngseidet.

NOTE! It is not recommended to walk in Lyngetrappa when there is snow and ice there. Remember to use a leash on your dog in the period 1 April – 15 October, for the sake of both reindeers and sheep grazing in the area.