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Steindalsbreen glacier - a geological treat

The fantastic glacier Steindalsbreen in the Steindalen valley/Gievdanvággi is well worth a visit. The glacier and the valley are both regarded as geological treats – and it’s also worthwhile taking a closer look at the flora near the glacier.

Getting here

The glacier is situated on route 868 between Oteren and Lyngseidet. Follow the road to “IMA Tursenter” and drive up a small hill to the large car park. From the car park, follow the tractor road/path into the valley.

Route description to the Steindal glacier

Initially, the path is uphill before it flattens out on the last section up to the Steindalshytta cabin by the Tverrelva river. The hike up here takes around an hour.When you continue towards the Steindalsbreen glacier, the route is relatively flat until you reach the moraine ridge. From there, it’s relatively steep before flattening out again. This leg takes 30 minutes to an hour depending on your form. Hiking from the car park to the glacier and back is 12.4 km and you should allow 5-6 hours in total. Some of the path is marked. Note: Don’t walk onto the glacier alone unless you have relevant experience!

Learn about the Steindalen valley and Steindalsbreen glacier

Information signs about the flora and fauna, history and local place names may be found along the entire path. The vegetation down in the valley is diverse and well developed, while up by the glacier it’s characterised by pioneer species. These hardy plants are the first to colonize areas previously covered by ice and snow.Signs have also been erected near the glacier showing its recession year by year.

Did you know that the Steindalbreen glacier has glacier front positions covering a period of more than 8,000 years? The oldest of these are in the lower valley, but completely new spires have started to appear up at the glacier.

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Accommodation nearby

It is possible to rent a cabin in the Steindalen valley/Gi-evdanvággi (Steindalshytta). Contact Storeng Steindal Trim by e-mail at [email protected] or call Hedny Kristiansen on +47 452 92 730 or +47 777 14 230.

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