Ferry onboarding in Lyngseidet Fergekai
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AutoPass and FerryPay on Road Trip to Norway

A road trip in Northern Norway is one of the ultimate bucket list journeys. Already generations of European families have travelled on the narrow roads of Lofoten, Senja, Lyngenfjord and Alta, many all the way to Varanger peninsula. Today campers, campervans, families and friends are exploring Norwegian gems, most of them driving through the Lyngenfjord region between Senja and Nordkapp.

For information about AutoPass and FerryPay apps for travellers, see the bottom of this page.

AutoPass, ePass24 and FerryPay – which one to use?

There are some toll roads, tunnels and ferries in Northern Norway. In the Lyngenfjord region, you only need to pay for the Olderdalen – Lyngseidet ferry ride; our region's smaller ferries and all roads are free. Pedestrians and passengers travel free on all the ferries, you only pay for the car.


Olderdalen and Lyngen

Olderdalen to Lyngseidet ferry is probably our most known ferry, which most travellers take when travelling to Blåisvatnet.




Ferry to Uløya

Rotsund - Havnnes – Uløybukt ferry line is free of charge also with a car. However, you rarely need your car in the island, there are only 2 roads, and most accommodations in Uløya island will pick you up from the ferry pier if you ask.




Ferry to Arnøya

The ferry from Storstein til Arnøya (Lauksundskaret) is free of charge also with a car, so you can easily enjoy this larger island and the variety of its hikes; admire inland hikes with sea views or enjoy the secluded Årviksand beaches.

AutoPass and FerryPay

How to pay the ferries in Northern Norway

AutoPass is a Norwegian Public Roads Administration owned digital road and ferry toll system. If you have registered to the system before 2022, you can continue to use your contract. New foreign users must choose one of the other providers.

Vehicles registered abroad can register for direct payments, for example with Epass24, which also works in Sweden. Even if you did not register to AutoPass or other systems before your road trip to Norway, you can find your unpaid road toll payments by logging in to one of the AutoPass providers, like Epass24.

There are other providers, too, you find the full list of them on AutoPass.no homepage.

Ferries are paid before the trip either by AutoPass (only vehicles registered before 01/2022), FerryPay or credit card. It is advisable to register with FerryPay ahead of your road trip to Norway to ensure the fast onboarding to the ferries. Statens Vegvesen is responsible for FerryPay.  Register your vehicle on FerryPay here.

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