Hiking at Uløya
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Part of the island of Uløya is in Skjervøy municipality, while the other part is in Nordreisa municipality. The eastern side of the island and the village of Uløybukt are in Skjervøy municipality. Today, the island has few permanent residents, but many people with connections to the island return to Uløya during weekends or holidays.

Uløya name originates from the old myths about the wolves that howled (“ulte” in Norwegian) on the mountainsides.

Uløya has a varied landscape. You will discover sandy beaches, high mountain peaks and beautiful views of the Lyngen Alps and the Lyngenfjord. The highest peak is Blåtinden (1,142 m). The island is a popular ski touring destination. Ski touring enthusiasts come here from all over the world to experience the Uløya traverse, which takes you along the 20 km long ridge from Uløybukt to Havnnes. On this spectacular ski touring trip, you visit the mountain peaks Blåtinden (1,142 m), Uløytinden (1,114 m) and Kjelvågtinden (1,104 m). You can choose the steep descent from Blåtinden, which goes directly down to the cabin.

Arctic Panorama Lodge is situated at Uløybukt on the eastern side of Uløya. This is a place where you are guaranteed to find peace and tranquillity! Eat homemade food accompanied by wonderful panoramic views of the fjord and the mountains. The hosts Aud and Svein will do their utmost to ensure you have an enjoyable stay. You are guaranteed to hear some cock-and-bull stories.

The lodge is an ideal base for reaching the surrounding mountain peaks on foot or by ski, as well as other exciting excursions.

Getting to Uløya?

There is a ferry connection between Rotsund and Uløya. The ferry quay is located along the E6 highway.
Please note that some of the ferry services must be requested in advance. You must call at least 2 hours in advance to book the departure.

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The nearest airport is Sørkjosen (SOJ), which is just 20 minutes from the ferry landing in Rotsund.
It’s possible to combine the ferry and bus routes 150 and 160 from Tromsø, Storslett (Sørkjosen airport) or Alta.

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