Ferge på lyngseidet
©Petr Pavlíček

General info about Lyngen

Lyngen municipality is 90 minutes from Tromsø. The mighty Lyngen Alps, which rise from the fjord with high pointed peaks towering more than 1,000 m high, are a paradise for various nature-based experiences.

Lyngen municipality is in Troms and Finnmark County and consists of the northern part of the peninsula between the Ullsfjord and Lyngenfjord. The population of Lyngen municipality is approx. 2,800. Lyngen municipality is located at almost 70° N and has an area of 810 km².

Lyngen municipality borders the municipalities of Karlsøy, Tromsø, Skjervøy, Nordreisa, Kåfjord and Storfjord.

Other facts:
Highest point in the Lyngen Alps: Jiehkkevárri (1,834 m)
Highest point in the northern part of the Lyngen Alps: Store Lenangstinden (1,625 m)
Largest lake: Jægervatnet
Most famous lake: 
Blåisvatnet (The Blue Lake)