Furuflaten utstilling
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Furuflaten is a village with a population of approx. 250. Furuflaten is situated on the western side of the Lyngenfjord by the Lyngsdalen valley, which leads to Lyngen’s highest peak Jiehkkevárri (1,834 m). Numerous successful industrial companies are based at the Furuflaten industrial park, particularly in the rubber, plastic, mineral, metal and food industries.

Along with industry, resistance fighter Jan Baalsrud also put Furuflaten on the map. During his escape through the occupied North Troms in the spring of 1943, Baalsrud received help from several local families who put their own lives in danger to help Baalsrud. He sought shelter in a hayloft near the village before eventually being rowed across the Lyngenfjord to “Hotell Savoy” in Kåfjord municipality.

There is a small exhibition about Jan Baalsrud at Furustua in the middle of the village. The gems of the exhibition are Jan Baalsrud’s skis and the rudder of MK Bratholm. Guided tours are available on request.

Service provision

There are no shops or places to eat in Furuflaten. The closest alternative is Lyngseidet (16 km). 

Getting to Furuflaten


Bus 150 from Tromsø or Alta to Lyngseidet, and bus 460 to Nordkjosbotn

Timetable for bus 150 Tromsø - Alta

Timetable for bus 460 Lyngseidet - Furuflaten