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Lyngseidet is the administrative centre of Lyngen municipality and has a population of just under 800. The village is surrounded by the Lyngen Alps and is situated on the shores of the Lyngenfjord, which is the largest fjord in Troms. Lyngseidet is undergoing development, and the “Lyngen Løftet” (Lyngen Initiative) project aims to make Lyngen a better place to live or move to and an attractive place to visit.

Lyngentrappa (The Lyngen Steps), which will be completed in 2022, will lead you from the fjord to the mountains up to Verdens ende (The World’s End). This site offers wonderful views of the Lyngenfjord and the Kåfjord Alps and is a good starting point for mountain hikes. 

Service provision
Lyngen has many exciting experiences you can take part in, especially nature-based experiences. For example, you can visit the world’s northernmost whisky distillery, Aurora Spirit, which is located approx. 12 km north of Lyngseidet, or Solhov and go on a guided fatbike ride in and around the Lyngen Alps or a guided kayaking trip in the Lyngenfjord.

You will find many services and facilities in Lyngseidet, including supermarkets, a branch of the Wine Monopoly, a sports shop with equipment rental and clothes shops, etc. There are skiing facilities, sports facilities, an ice rink, football field and swimming pool in Lyngseidet, as well as restaurants and bars where you can enjoy good drinks and dance into the early hours.

An especially nice place is the centrally located Prestelvparken, which is the green heart of Lyngseidet. The park is divided into two different zones – “Prosjekt Skatteøya” (Treasure Island project) and “Prosjekt fri gym” (Free gym project).
Treasure Island will be an exciting activity area on the island in the park, which can be reached by a swing bridge. Children will be able to test themselves on the climbing ropes that will be set up between the trees on the island. There will also be a balance path and a platform for play and relaxation.
The activity area is primarily for children from age 5-16 but can naturally also used by used adults wanting pleasant experiences. Benches will be set up as a gathering point for parents or other visitors who want to relax and enjoy themselves in pleasant company.

You can rent ski equipment and bikes (e-bikes and mountain bikes) at Elektro-Sport in the centre of Lyngseidet, which makes it easy to explore everything Lyngseidet and the surrounding area has to offer. 

Getting to Lyngseidet

Lyngseidet has a ferry connection with Olderdalen in Kåfjord municipality on the other side of the Lyngenfjord. 
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If you are arriving by bus or car from Tromsø, you need to cross the Ullsfjord by ferry from Breivikeidet to Svensby. 
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Bus 150 from Tromsø or Alta
Timetable for bus 150 Tromsø - Alta