Two girls running and laughing in low water on a sea beach
©Frida Xiang Visit Lyngenfjord

Things to do on a hot summer day in Northern Norway, Lyngenfjord region

Heatwave in Northern Norway and it's too hot for an active day!

Fear not, we have gathered some of our best local tips for things to do to cool down in the summer heat. Check the links below for our favourite hot day activities.

1) It's daylight 24 hours a day, so be more active in the early mornings or late evenings. Especially with small children and dogs!

2) Hot day is a good day to take a boat tour! Join a fjord cruise, fishing tour or riverboat safari and don't forget your hat and sunscreen!

3) Instead of climbing a mountain, explore river valleys, waterfalls and glaciers where water and ice cool down the air.

4) Before going to swim, check a few things out. The tide in the Lyngenfjord region is mostly not strong, but it is always important to check what the currents look like before you go in the water. Rivers and waterfalls can create strong currents too. We have no official and guarded beaches in the region, so always make sure you are safe before going into the water. Where you see locals on the beach, it is usually the best place for swimming.

5) Find a place to hang a hammock and just chill. Heat does not last forever, and this is a great opportunity to just relax and enjoy the views.