Hammock by Blåisvatnet i Nord-Lenangen
©Petr Pavlicek

Hammock in the Lyngenfjord region in Northern-Norway

Hammock parks are popping up all over Norway, and finally the Lyngenfjord region in northern Norway has got its first hammock park!

In addition to the hammock park on Skjervøy, there are plenty of places in the whole region where you can sleep under the midnight sun or the northern lights - in a hammock. How about a night in Reisa National Park, or in Sør-Lenangen near Blåisvatnet?

The hammock park on Stussnesfjellet on Skjervøy

North Troms and the Lyngenfjord region's first hammock park is located on Skjervøy, just north of the Lyngenfjord region on the Stussnes mountain.

The Stussnes mountain is an easy and accessible peak of 161 meters, and the trip up takes only 15-20 minutes. The hammock park is situated just below the wooden shed at the top. Here you can set up your hammock in the park (6-7 avaliable places). From the park you are rewarded with a wonderful view of the fishing village Skjervøy, the islands, and the sea.

Find the tour description for Stussnesfjellet in the article to the right.


Nice to know

  • Only hang the hammock up on trees with strong trunks that can withstand it

  • Use tree-friendly hammock-straps

  • Bring enough clothes and a sleeping pad

  • A mosquito net is not a bad idea! ?

  • A hat and glowes should be worn, even during the summer 

  • Respect the nature and the locals

  • Please bring all rubbish back with you

  • Leave no trace

  • If you open any gates, please remember to close them

  • Park  your car in the designated parking areas to avoid blocking fields, forest roads or cabin entrances

  • Most of the open areas in the Lyngen Alps and the Reisa national park are within the landscape protected area.  


Primus and midnightsun at stussnes mountain