Djupvik en sommerdag, med grønt gress, lyngsalpene og blå himmel
©Petr Pavlíček

General information

Kåfjord kommune, Gàivuona souhkan, Kaivounon komuuni is about 2 hours by car from Tromsø.The settlement in the municipality consists of the three ethnic groups Kvens, Sami and Norwegians, and the place signs are in 3 languages.

The village of Birtavarre is known to be the gateway to Halti - Finland's highest mountain, 1328 meters above sea level. Here you will also find the Gorsa Bridge, which is a popular attraction among locals and tourists.

The Kåfjord Alps are a well-known summit destination, and summit tour enthusiasts from all over the world come here to ski - summit to sea. One of the most famous summit hiking mountains in the Kåfjord Alps is Storhaugen, 1142 meters above sea level. From Storhaugen you get perhaps the best view of the Lyngen Alps and of the Lyngenfjord. If you want to go on foot, or on snowshoes, Dalberget, 460 meters above sea level is a popular hiking destination for young and old. Here you will find a great day trip cabin where you can make a fire in the oven and relax before the descent.

Otherwise, you will find Hotel Savoy, Baalsrudhula, and the burial place of resistance fighter Jan Baalsrud in Kåfjord. These places were part of his great escape from the Germans in 1943.

Welcome to Kåfjord!