Birtavarre i Kåfjord kommune
©Petr Pavlicek


Birtavarre in inner Kåfjord is the gateway to the spectacular Gorsa Bridge and to Halti, Finland's highest mountain. 

Birtavarre is a former mining community with smelters in Ankerlia, preserved by Nord-Troms Museum. It was during mining that the name Birtavarre was used, when it was actually called Kåfjordbotn. 

In Birtavarre you can visit Holmenes Sea Sami Farm, which is a living example of what a Sea Sami farm in North Troms has looked like in the past. 


Service offerings

In Birtavarre there are grocery stores, petrol station and handicrafts where locals sell handmade products. 

There is also an emergency room and charger for electric cars. EV charging. 



Birtavarre Røde kors (Red Cross) offers budget accommodation in Birtavarre. Contact Kåfjord frivillighetssentral (Kåfjord volunteer center) for booking.

Tel: (+47) 971 95 429. 

Basecamp Birtavarre offers cabin rentals and space for camping 


How do i get to Birtavarre?


Bus 150 from Tromsø or Alta.

Timetable bus 150 Tromsø - Alta 

Bus 160 from Storslett or Tromsø 

Timetable for bus 160 Tromsø - Storslett 



The nearest airport is in Sørkjosen 60 kilometers away.