Riddu Riddu in Manndalen, Kåfjord
©Ørjan Bertelsen


Manndalen is a Sea Sami village with around 1000 inhabitants, and here Sami was the everyday language in many homes until the sixties. 

There are many exciting experiences you can take part in. Nature and cultural experiences are strong here. You can, for example, visit Baalsrundshula, which is located at the head of Manndalen, and Hotel Savoy along the E6, which were two of the hiding places of resistance fighter Jan Baalsrud in the spring of 1943. 


Service offerings

In Manndalen there are grocery stores, petrol station, handicrafts (Grenebua), accommodation and beautiful natural areas. 



Manndalen Sjøbuer - Sjøbuer with 2 bedrooms. Jacuzzi, sauna, boat and bike rental.

Løkvollstranda camping - Cabins with 1 or 2 bedrooms, pitches for motorhomes / caravans. The accommodation units are fully equipped with washing machine, flat-screen TV, sofa, wardrobe, oven and kettle. Camping barbecue open in summer.

How to get to Manndalen?


Bus 150 from Tromsø or Alta.

Bus schedule 150 Tromsø - Alta



The nearest airport is in Sørkjosen, 75 kilometers away.