Otertinden en stjerneklar kveld
©Petr Pavlicek

Christmas gifts from our region

Local gifts for any occation and specially warming local produce for Christmas gift ideas. We've put together some ideas for you. And if you can't be here to do the purchases, you can also send a gift card! 

Shops with local produce 
  • Kronebutikken i Sørkjosen handcraft, books, jewlery, local food items and much more! 
  • Husflidene/Local handcraft in Kåfjord: Grenebua in Manndalen, Husflidene in Birtavarre and Olderdalen
  • Kaffekiin in Storslett, locally burnt coffee, ask them about special labels for your coffee
  • Senter for Nordlige Folk i Manndalen, cultural centre, handcrafts, books
  • Seppalatunet på Skjervøy cultural centre, handcrafts, jewlery, and much more
  • Løvli Ullkarderi
  • Lyngsalpan Vekst på Oteren og på Lyngseidet 
  • Halti på Storslett, cultural centre, souvenirs, books, handcrafts 
  • Sarvvis i Skibotn, handcrafts 
Local Christmasmarkets 2023


Local products you can order from anywhere!