Utsikt fra Stussnesfjellet
©Maria Salamonsen

Northern Lights and Midnight Sun in Skjervøy

Have you experienced the Midnight Sun or the Northern Lights in Northern Norway? The Lyngenfjord region has a perfect location to experience both!

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights season lasts about seven months. The Northern Lights will appear in the sky again as soon as the evenings start to get dark after the Midnight Sun season. It’s possible to see the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) dancing across the sky from between mid-August to mid-April, but September to March is regarded as the best time.

Our tips for seeing the Northern Lights:

  • Find a place with open sky towards the north as the Northern Lights often cross the sky from east to west.
  • Find a spot with little or no light pollution. 
  • Check the weather forecast to find a place with a clear sky. The map function at yr.no is an excellent tool for this
  • If it’s cloudy by the coast, a good tip is to drive inland towards Reisadalen or Skibotndalen valley. 

The 3 best places to experience the Northern Lights in Skjervøy:

Climbing up the mountain Stussnesfjellet on Skjervøy is a nice walk for the whole family year-round. From the top, you will be rewarded with wonderful views of the fishing village and the surrounding islands. If you want to spend the night year, bring your hammock and stay at the hammock park! 
You will find the description of the route here

Engnes is a beautiful natural gem at the northern tip of Skjervøya. You will get wonderful views of the open sea and you can explore the ruins of the coastal fort built here during World War II.
You will find the description of the route here

Nordre Lauksund lighthouse on Arnøya
You will find the Nordre Lauksund lighthouse at the end of the road at Tareneset on the island of Arnøya. From here you will have wonderful views of the stretch of sea known as Lopphavet, the Kvænangen mountains and good chances of seeing the Northern Lights. The Arnøya cultural trail also starts here.
You will find the description of the route here


Midnight Sun

The summer is Northern Norway is a magical time! In the realm of Midnight Sun around the Lyngenfjord, the sun moves just above or just below the horizon for many hours during the bright summer nights. This gives a beautiful and unique play of colour that can last for several hours. For the best colours, you need to visit early in or towards the end of the Midnight Sun season. In and around the Lyngenfjord, the Midnight Sun season lasts from around 20 May to 22 July.

Our tips for seeing the Midnight Sun:
- For the best possible experience of the Midnight Sun, find a spot where you can see the horizon and open sea in the direction of the sunset.
- You must be patient. The weather in our region can change quickly and is unpredictable. However, if you allow a couple of days, your chances of a magical Midnight Sun experience increase.
- Remember to wear suitable clothing. Despite the bright sunshine, it can be quite cool here in the evening.

Our recommended places to see the Midnight Sun in Skjervøy:

Engnes on Skjervøya
From the top of Engnes, you will be rewarded with wonderful views of the open sea and the Midnight Sun! It’s not only the top that offers wonderful experiences. Along the entire Egnes road, you can experience natural gems and cultural heritage sites, including an old coastal fort.

Årviksand on the island of Arnøya
From the recently established Årvikmarka, you can experience a wonderful network of hiking paths, bridges and rustic shelters. But wait there is more: If you follow the paths up the hillside, you will have great view of the Midnight Sun too! 
You will find the description of the route here

Stussnesfjellet on Skjervøya
This is a wonderful place to experience the Midnight Sun! Bring your hammock, sleeping bag, primus and spend the night at the hammock park here. A good tip is to arrive early to ensure you get a spot at the hammock park and to watch the approach of the northbound Hurtigruten ship around 22.00.