Skjervøy municipality
©Petr Pavlicek


Vorterøya, which is situated at mouth of the Lyngenfjord, is the smallest and flattest of the islands in Skjervøy municipality. The island is currently home to just seven permanent residents. The highest point of the island is Varden (236 m).
It’s only possible to drive on the island’s 3 km rural road during the summer. In the wintertime, it’s only possible to get around on foot or by snowmobile.

Getting to Vorterøya?

Express boat

Vorterøya has express boat connections with the municipal administrative centre Skjervøy and Kvænangen.
Please note that it is only possible to get to and from Vorterøya once a week.

Click here to view the express boat timetable.

Service provision

Volunteers run a shop and café in the old general store during the summertime. 

Local enthusiasts have created a village museum, which consists of a kitchen dating from the 1950s, a fish processing plant from around the same period and a Nordland boat.

An organised walk (Vorterøymarsjen) takes place on the island in the last month of July each year.

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