Hvaler utenfor Skjervøy, nord om Tromsø, Nord Norge
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Custom whale holidays in Northern Norway

Experience the great Northern Norway winter! Late autumn and mid-winter season offers unique arctic experiences such as whale safaris and northern lights hunting. 

Skjervøy is a small fishing island in Nord Troms, with some of the best whale spotting opportunities in the north. Whale enthusiasts arrive to Skjervøy from end October to January to see how humbacks and killer whales arrive to the deep fjords. There are even social media groups devoted to this annual event! The whale season in Northern Norway is during the polar night, so you can expect to have a truly spectacular whale spotting holiday. The whale guides in our region are experienced seafearers and share your passion to the marine mammals. 

Combine a short break here with your Tromsø winter holiday, or skip the big city and enjoy the tranquility of small and unique locations. Ask our help to create your custom whale safari packege in Northern Norway with the form below. 

We're happy to tailor a package for your whale safari holiday in Northern Norway with whale spotting and accommodation. 

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Whale safaris in Northern Norway 

Choose your favourite guide:

  1. Explore 70 Degrees - whale saferi on open RIB boat in which you get the feeling of being truely close to the whales. The tour starts at 10:00 and you are back at  around 13:00. Price 1 490 kr per person, children under 12 years 795 kr.
  2. Dervola Adventure - whave safari on a 27 foot  Arvor boat, where you have a inside cabin for warming up. The tours starts at 10:00 and returns around 14:00. Price 1 695 kr per person, children under 12 år 700 kr
Accommodation in Skjervøy

Next, choose you favourite accommodation: 

  1. Maritim Hotel Skjervøy: Stay in one of the renovated rooms, breakfast is included. Dinner is available at the hotels own restaurant with great views to the harbour and Skjervøy centre. Prices: double room incl. breakfast: 1 710 kr, single room incl. breakfast 1 410 kr
  2. Skjervøy Fiskecamp: Stay in one of the renovated cabins. The camp is located by its own peer, appr. 1 km from the centre of Skervøy. Cabins have 2 bedrooms / 4 beds, kitchen and living area. There is also a sauna which you can rent at the camp. Price: 1 890 kr per night / cabin including bedlinen. 
  3. På Hjørnet Gjestehus: Stay in one of the rooms of this new gesthouse, right over the På Hjørnet Kafé. Rooms have 2-3 beds, own bathroom and kitchen / kitchenette. Price: 1 100 kr - 1 300 kr per night per room.

Order your whale safari experience in Skjervøy:

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