Ruins of the mining in a valley
©Georg Sichelschmidt

The Moskodalen mines

The hike to the Moskodalen mines leads you through the beautiful Moskodalen valley.

Hiking description

You can see the remains of the mining operations here in the early 20th century. Mining took place from 1903-1907 and 1917-1918. The mine reopened in 1929 due to rising copper prices but closed for the final time in 1930.

This walk starts at the car park at the end of the entrance road to the Moskodalen mines. Cross the bridge over the river and follow the mine road through the birch forest into the valley. The terrain is flat and it’s easy to walk.

After 2.6 km, you will reach a rustic shelter where you can take a break. There may be some rough terrain between here and the mines and if the river level is high the terrain may be wet.

The remains of the old mines mark the end point of the route. If you wish, you can follow the old mine wagon tracks right up to the mine entrance, but this is steep. As the mine is not secured, we do not recommend entering.

NB! There is a bridge across the river. However, some sections are moved each winter. If the “Moskodalen gruver” sign at the entrance is covered, it means the bridge has not been set up for the summer and the walk is not possible.

Worth knowing: If you want a shorter walk or when the bridge is not set up, walking up to the rustic shelter and back is also a nice walk.