skiing in Lyngen

Ski touring brochures and maps

Worth reading

Several good books have been written about ski touring in the Lyngen Alps. We recommend:

  • Ski Touring in Troms by Espen Nordahl features descriptions of 82 summit ski trips throughout Troms County.
  • The Lyngen Alps by Sjur Nesheim and Eivind Smeland features descriptions of how to conquer most of the peaks in the Lyngen Alps – in winter and summer.
  • Download for free the new brochure for ski touring north of the Lyngen Alps by Espen Nordahl.
Recommended maps

To plan summit ski trips properly, you should have maps of the various mountain areas by the Lyngenfjord. You can buy these online or at local shops in the Lyngenfjord region.

  • Lyngsalpene, FriFlyt 1:50 000
  • Lyngenhalvøya Nord, Nordeca, 1:50 000 (Northern Lyngen peninsula)
  • Lyngenhalvøya Sør, Nordeca, 1:50 000 (Southern Lyngen peninsula)
  • Ut i Nord kartserie 1:50 000:Kåfjord: All the mountains on the eastern side of the Lyngenfjord, and Skjervøy:  The mountains north of Lyngen around Skjervøy, Kågen and Arnøya.