Whalesafari - Lyngen Experience

Our whalesafari starts in the northern part of the Lyngen peninsula, in Nord-Lenangen. Our comfortable boat, a Targa 46, is steered by our captain with over 30 years of experience in the area around Lyngen.
Through his local knowledge, our captain knows the best areas to head out to look for the whale. Our boat is comfortably furnished, providing a warm cabin also on cold days. When we reach the whales, we will get close to them while hearing their singing through our special surround audio system.

On the search we sail through magnificent scenery. You will see the Lyngen Alps from the sea side and other islands and animal life. Even if we should be so unlucky as not to spot the whales, the trip itself will be a unique experience giving us a chance to experience other marine life.

Season: 16th Nov - 1st Feb
Departure: 9am every Tuesday and Friday (for other days, please send a request)
Duration: 4-6 hours
Participants: Minimum 5 and max. 12 persons
Included: guide, warm clothes, hot drinks. mineral water and snacks

Address: Lenangsveien 1656, 9068 Nord-Lenangen