Havnnes Handelssg

Visit Norways northernmost trading post and learn about it's exciting history and stockfish production!

Havnnes is a well-preserved, listed 19th century trading post, situated in the midst of the most stunning scenery in all of Northern-Norway. In the forest above Havnnes a large collection of spear- and arrowheads has been found.
The 1,500 metre (4,921 ft) high peaks and the glaciers of the Lyngen Alps form a wild and ruggedly beautiful backdrop. The 10-minute ferry trip to this, the most northerly working trading post in all of Norway, is a detour from the E6 and offers a rich mix of cultural history, the everyday lives of coastal people, and fantastic views.
Stockfish (unsalted, dried fish, usually cod) is Norway’s oldest export product, and Havnnes Handelssted traditionally always bought its stockfish directly from the fishermen. When the fishermen stopped drying the fish themselves, Havnnes Handelssted began its own stockfish production, and now visitors can go into the stockfish warehouse and see the big piles of fish destined for the Italian market. Salted fish is also produced here.

The guided tour lasts 1 hour

You can also spend the night in Havnnes.
Stay in beautiful surroundings among the historic houses at the trading post, where most of the buildings are from the 19th century or in one of three houses among the locals. The accommodation is of high standard and are fully equipped.

It is possible to rent bikes and snowshoes here to explore the island, depending on the season you visit. At the general store you can buy most of what you need for your everyday and local souvenirs.
Address: Mor Lyngs plass 4, 9159 Havnnes