Reisafjorden rundt
Reisafjorden rundt
Reisafjorden rundt
Reisafjorden rundt
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Tour de Reisafjord - a RIB tour across the Reisafjord - Reisafjord Xperience

Explore northern Norway’s nature and history on a RIB trip across the scenic Reisafjord. This experience in Nordreisa is a must for any visitor!
Get to know the Reisafjord
This trip takes you along the coast of the beautiful Reisafjord. We’ll navigate past settlements and old fishing villages and give you glimpses into the lives of the ordinary people who have historically lived in our part of the country. When we spot seals, otters, porpoises, or sea eagles, the boat driver will stop, giving you great opportunities to take pictures of the wildlife and of each other.

Lunch Break for Everyone – Viking Bath for the Bravest
Halfway through the trip we’ll take a break. Once ashore, we’ll light a fire and serve coffee, tea and local baked goods delivered from Fallvik farm. This is also your opportunity to take a “Viking bath” in the Arctic seawater, after which we will award you with a certificate proving your bravery. If you’d like to have a Viking bath, please note that you need to bring a change of clothing and a towel.

Safety First
Before we board the RIB boat, you’ll receive a tour information and safety briefing. On our trips, we want everyone to feel that safety and security is important and that each individual is seen and taken care of.

Season: Whole year
Duration: 2.5 hours (10:00 - 12:30)
Participants: 6-12
- RIB tour
- Coffee, tea and snacks
- Warm overall
- Safety west

We recommend you to wear warm shoes and dress warm as it might get cold at sea. Dress in wool or fleece.

*Guests must be taller than 1,40m to participate

The activity is weather dependent and we might have to cancel/change the date due to bad weather.
Phone: +47402 34 465