Northern lights safari on snowmobile
Northern lights safari on snowmobile

Northern lights safari with snowmobile - self driven - Amazing Troms

Close to Reisa National Park, through a breathtaking scenery, we travel deep into the Arctic mountains in search of the magical Northern Lights. Drive your own snowmobile while the Northern Lights show the way!
Do you want to experience the magical Northern Lights dancing across the sky? Then a snowmobile ride into the mountains, away from all light pollution and coastal weather problems ,such as fog and clouds is the best option. The cold and dry highland climate in the mountains close to Reisa National Park, provides the best conditions for experiencing the spectacular Aurora Borealis. Hunt the Northern Lights with an exciting ride on a skidoo, deep into an Arctic landscape with ice-covered waters and snow-capped mountains. An experienced guide will take you to the best viewpoints to scout for the Northern Lights. If you are lucky, the mighty Aurora will show herself! In a suitable place, with good viewpoints for the Northern Lights, we set camp. Here we make a bonfire and enjoy hot beverages and local snacks, while we wait for the Northern Lights.

Should we not see the Northern Lights, you still get an adventurous snowmobile trip into a beautiful Arctic landscape with a striking nature underneath the twinkling stars!

About the trip:
On arrival we dress in thermal suits and safety equipment suitable for the Arctic winter. Then a safety review and practical driving training are held on the snowmobile. Now miles of snowmobile trails await you, and hopefully the magical light show of the northern lights. You will share a snowmobile with a partner, and change between the driver and passanger role. Or you could just be passanger, if preferred.

Season: Mid Dec - End of April
Departure: 20:15 from Reisastua Lodge
Participants: Minimum 2 persons
Duration: ca 3 hours
Difficulty: Medium, suitable for families and the elderly
- Thermal suit, helmet/safety equipment, gloves, hat and shoes
- Hot drink and snacks
- Safety review and hands-on training
- Local guide, Norwegian and English speaking
Requirements to drive a snowmobile:
- Must have a valid drivers license
- Minimum 18 years

Practical info
2 people drive together on a snowmobile (driver/passenger). Along the way, you switch turns, so that everyone gets to try to drive a snowmobile if that is desired. If desired, you can send a request for “single snowmobile” use (extra charge)
If you are booking as a group with odd-numbers like, 3/5/7 or 9. 1 person will sit on the guide snowmobile.
We recommend that you dress warm, with a base layer of wool as it can get cold on the mountain. Also wear wool socks, scarf and warm sweater and trousers as you will only get the outer gear from Amazing Troms.

The tour is weather permitted. Should we have to cancel due to bad weather we will try to change the date or offer a full refund.
Phone: +47450 76 821