Whales in the sea outside Skjervøy, Northern Norway
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Autumn Whale and Arctic Panorama Lights

At Arctic Panorama Lodge you get to experience a relaxing holiday taking in the nature and enjoying the arctic light. During your stay we will go in search of the whales and head out in the evenings in search of the Northern Lights.


Peaceful and charming, Arctic Panorama Lodge offers a relaxing haven far away from the hubbub and hectic pace of everyday life, perfect for a romantic escape, a quiet sojourn or an adventure packed break. The lodge is situated on the island of Uløya, in the north of the Lyngenfjord region. The lodge has 3 standard twin- and 3 standard double rooms and 6 superior double rooms, each with an en suite bathroom. The lodge has a large drawing room where guests can relax and socialise, here you will also find the big dining table where all the guests gather for the meals. From the drawing room you can enjoy the panoramic view of the fjord. A brand-new spa area with sauna, outdoor jacuzzi, massage and therapy offer is awaiting you after a day outside in the arctic winter.



Day 1: Pick up in Tromsø either at your hotel or the airport, at 15.30. You will then travel by minibus to Arctic Panorama Lodge, arriving at around 20:00. Shortly after check-in you will gather for dinner. After dinner you have the opportunity to go for guided a northern lights hunt.

Day 2-3 (4): The day starts with breakfast between 08:00 and 10:00, before you head out for the day’s activities. The order of the activities will be decided based on the weather.

All packages include the following activities: 2 hours storytelling about the history of the island and visiting the local museum 3 hours whale safari Daily opportunities for a guided northern lights hunt If you like, you can add a second whale safari and/or a dog sledding tour (3 hours, without snow we will use carts) in the Reisa valley.


For the 5 days/4 nights package the following activities are included: 2 hours storytelling about the history of the island and visiting the local museum 3 hours whale safari Daily opportunities for a guided northern lights hunt 3 hours dog sledding (with carts if no snow)

Day 4: If you are staying for the 4 days/3 nights, you will depart for Tromsø after breakfast. Departure at 10:00 and you will be in Tromsø around 14:00.

Day 5: If you are staying for the 5 days/4 nights, you will depart for Tromsø after breakfast. Departure at 10:00 and you will be in Tromsø around 14:00.


More information about the activities:

Snowshoe trekking: The hike is approximately 2 kilometres, or around 35 minutes to 1 hour in snowshoes. This depends on the path we decide to take, and the weather. With heavier snow, it will take closer to an hour to reach the top. This hike is suitable for beginners and anyone who’s looking for an outing that’s not too physically demanding. You’ll be provided with warm winter clothing. However, we recommend wearing long wool or thermal underwear and warm socks.
Included: Guided snowshoeing hike (day or night), Snow overalls, winter boots, mittens, hat and headlamp, Coffee, tea or hot chocolate and sausages, English speaking guides
Duration: About 3 hours

Dog sledding: At the beginning of the tour, you’ll be acquainted with the dogs. Here, the guide will give you instructions on how to ride. You will learn how to put the harnesses on the dogs, and do this yourself. Once you’ve properly harnessed them, you’ll walk them to the sled. When you return, you’ll walk them back into their homes and feed them. Two people are assigned to each sled.
Can children join this activity? Children may participate in dog sledding, but those under 14 may not drive their own sled.
Included: Guided dog sledding ride (day or night), Snow overalls, winter boots, mittens, hat and headlamp
Hot refreshments, expert local guides
Duration: about 3 hours of active dog sledding

Snowmobile Safari: On this tour, you’ll venture on snowmobiles far away from the city glow and streetlights. Here, you will have a wonderful view of the Lyngen Alps, the surrounding mountains, and islands around Uløya. Most importantly, you’ll get the chance to see the northern lights where they are most likely to shine brightest and have panoramic views of the sky from a wonderful vantage point. Return to the lodge, and warm up with a soak in the hot tub. The snowmobile safari starts near the lodge and will take you to the top of Uløya. Full instructions on how to drive the snowmobile will be given before we head off into the wilderness. You will have time to adjust to the vehicle before proceeding. 
Included: Guided snowmobile ride (two persons per snowmobile), snow overalls, winter boots, mittens and helmet, Coffee, tea or hot chocolate, English speaking guides
Duration: About 3 hours

Northern Lights tours: Arctic Panorama Lodge is situated directly underneath the auroral oval, the northern lights viewing hotspot. This means that it’s possible to see the explosion of colours across the sky almost every evening, if it is dark, and the sky is clear. The swirling Borealis is on display for over 200 nights of the year, so have your camera charged and ready. At Arctic Panorama Lodge you can experience the northern lights in a variety of ways. Whether it’s a guided dogsled ride through the starry winter wilderness, night shoeing or a northern light voyage to open water, whatever you choose you are guaranteed a magical, ethereal display, and memories that will last a lifetime!

Lavvu evening: Storytelling and traditional fare around the campfire. One of the oldest living cultures in Norway, and possibly the world is that of the Sámi people, the indigenous people of the north. The Sámi have their own culture, language, history, and traditional territories. Despite the challenges of modern society, the Sámi people has managed to maintain their unique culture and proud traditions. This cultural adventure takes place in a lavvu, a traditional teepee-style tent used by the Sámi people. Here you’ll get a chance to explore the Sámi culture with the help from a native guide who will give you exclusive insight into the Sámi way of living. Included: Lavvu evening in a traditional Sámi tent, a taste of traditional Sámi food, Sámi storytelling and joik. Duration: about 2 hours

Whale watching: Our heated rubber cabin boat is safe and versatile, and built to get as close as possible to these giants without disturbing them. While on board, you’re likely to see whales spouting, or coming up to the surface for air, and breaching, or leaping part way out of the water – an experience to never forget! Our local guide has over 20 years of experience taking visitors to see the whales, and is well-versed on their natural habitats and surrounding wildlife.
Whales are wild animals that roam freely from place to place covering vast distances in a short amount of time. Seeing whales out in the wild can therefore never be guaranteed. What we can guarantee, however, is that the odds of seeing whales on our professionally guided whale watching tour is excellent.
Included: Professionally guided whale watching tour, Warm winter wear (coveralls, mittens, hat, shoes)
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, local expert guides
Duration: about 4 hours

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