Midnight sun RIB tour safari in Reisafjorden
Midnight sun RIB tour safari in Reisafjorden

Midnight sun safari with RIB - Reisafjord Xperience

A midnight sun cruise should be on everyone’s bucketlist! In Nordreisa, we can see the sun never sets during the summer months. For us who live here, the midnight sun is powerful and life-giving after long dark winter. The best way to xperience this natural phenomenon: Cruising in RIB boat on the sunlit Reisafjord.
The Land of The Midnight Sun
In the summer months, starting from May 17, we have the privilege of seeing the sun 24 hours a day. If the weather is clear, we can follow the sun around the clock for the next two months. This is a phenomenon that can only be experienced north of the Arctic Circle. Interestingly, the sun shines longer the further north you go. Due to its location, the Reisafjord in North Troms is the ideal place to see the midnight sun.

RIB Boat on the Reisafjord
Join us on a wonderful, two-hour RIB boat trip on the Reisafjord and experience the fantastic midnight sun that appears at the far end of the fjord. On days with good weather, this can be a powerful experience, which often results in people choosing to stay up all night.

Wildlife Along the Coast
We always stop in the middle of the fjord to enjoy the magical light from the midnight sun. Surrounded by natural Arctic landscapes, we may encounter the rich wildlife that lives along our coast. Can you imagine sea eagles and porpoises in the midnight sun? We always facilitate great opportunities to take pictures of both the wildlife, the midnight sun, and of each other.

Safety First
Before we board the RIB boat, you’ll receive a tour information and safety briefing. During our trips, we want everyone to feel that safety and security is important and that each individual is seen and taken care of.

Food And Drinks
During the tour, we’ll serve coffee, tea, and baked goods made locally at Fallvik farm.

Season: 17.May - 30.July
Duration: 2.5 hours (21:30 - 24:00)
Participants: 6-12
- Coffee, tea, snacks
- Flotation suit and life west
- Goggles

21:30 Meet at På Taket Kafé in Sørkjosen
- Safety briefing and tour information before heading out on the Reisafjord
24:00 Return to Sørkjosen

Even if it is summer, we recommend to dress warm as it can get cold on the fjord. Wool or fleece is recommended.
The tour is weather dependent.
Phone: +47402 34 465